KOSTAL solar inverters
KOSTAL inverters

KOSTAL solar inverters: the right solution for every requirement

Use solar energy smartly with KOSTAL expertise.

Generate electricity and use it smartly with KOSTAL solar inverters

Solar inverters from KOSTAL form the heart of every solar system. Thanks to them, the solar energy generated by the modules is usable because they convert it into standard alternating current.

KOSTAL solar inverters offer the right solution for every requirement thanks to the wide range of products available in various power segments.

KOSTAL product overview

PIKO MP plus: the 1-phase solar inverter

Flexible system design with up to 2 MPPT, rated power up to 5.0 kW and integrated shadow management

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PLENTICORE plus: the 3-phase solar inverter

Flexible system design with 3 MPPT, rated power up to 10 kW and integrated shadow management


PIKO CI – the big one for business

Flexible system design with up to 4 MPPT, rated power up to 60 kW, integrated shadow management and coupling switch


KOSTAL solar inverters: the interface to the power grid

Solar inverters from KOSTAL are indispensable for every system: they make solar power usable in the first place.

The heart of the solar system

The electrical energy generated by the solar modules is direct current. This is very difficult to use in the home because European power grids are designed for alternating current.

That's why the solar inverters from KOSTAL convert the direct current from the solar cells into grid-compatible alternating current. It means that the solar power generated can be fed into the existing electrical infrastructure and used directly in the household, while surplus energy is fed into the public grid.


KOSTAL solar inverters are the heart of every PV system and therefore the interface between the solar modules and the power grid,  and are characterised by their particularly high efficiency and reliability.

With a KOSTAL solar inverter, no other components – apart from the optional KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter for measuring household consumption – need to be taken into account when planning the system because they are already included in all inverters. Almost every photovoltaic system can be equipped with a solar inverter from KOSTAL.

Different requirements call for diverse solutions

Solar inverters from KOSTAL offer a suitable solution for every application.

KOSTAL solar inverters are called string inverters. This means that several solar modules (generators) are connected in series and form a string. The direct current (DC) energy generated by the solar modules is then converted into alternating current (AC) by the inverter and can be consumed in the household's own grid or fed into the public grid. This type of inverter is suitable both for small private systems and large installations.

Single-phase and three-phase solar inverters from KOSTAL

Single-phase inverters either feed the generated alternating current into the public grid or you can use the electricity for self-consumption. The 1-phase inverters can produce an output of up to 5.0 kilowatts. They are therefore often used in small PV systems and are always operated on one phase and the neutral conductor.

Three-phase inverters provide more power for self-consumption and feed in the generated energy on all three phases of the home network. This means that all household appliances connected to the three phases can be operated with their own solar power.

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