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Photovoltaics with storage

Future-proof PV storage systems in the home with KOSTAL. Efficient. User-friendly. Simple. Top performance for all PV systems thanks to efficiency expertise.


Use your own electricity flexibly with KOSTAL inverters and suitable PV storage systems

No one at home during the day? PV storage systems are the optimal solution for homeowners not wanting to waste the PV electricity they're generating. To be able to store PV electricity, the energy has to be transferred from the modules to the storage unit.

This is where KOSTAL inverters come into play. Distinguished on numerous occasions for top efficiency levels and with A* in the SPI at the Energy Storage Inspection 2020, KOSTAL makes PV storage systems smart and future-proof. High yields, low costs, optimal performance.

With an efficient PV storage system, the electricity generated can be used regardless of the time of day.

Advantages of PV storage in your own home

PV-Speicher im Eigenheim für niedrigere Energiekosten

Lower energy costs thanks to flexible self-consumption

Higher self-consumption around the clock thanks to storage

Schutz vor Strompreiserhöhungen durch PV-Speicher im Eigenheim

Reliable safeguarding against rising electricity prices

KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus - PV-Wechselrichter als Kernstück jeder Photovoltaikanlage

The core of every photovoltaic system: KOSTAL inverters

With the PLENTICORE plus and the PIKO MP plus, KOSTAL offers highly efficient inverter solutions that are the heart of every photovoltaic system. They convert the solar power generated by the PV modules into usable alternating current, which can then be consumed directly. Excess energy can be stored temporarily and particularly efficiently in the storage system connected to the inverter.

The KOSTAL inverters' intelligent shadow management ensures that high PV yields can even be achieved in PV systems that are sometimes partially in the shade, e.g. due to a tree.

Components for optimal PV yields

KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter für PV-Speicher im Eigenheim

PV energy measurement in real time. Simple installation without time-consuming parameter adjustments

Hybrid-Wechselrichter für Nutzung der Photovoltaik mit PV-Speicher

Hybrid inverters convert the direct current of the PV modules into usable alternating current

PV-Speichersysteme für optimale Speicherleistung

Efficient storage systems e.g. from BYD or BMZ for optimal storage performance up to the point of use

PV planning with KOSTAL

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Retrofitting a PV system - with repowering for more efficiency

Perfect solar and storage solutions for your PV system

Photovoltaics with storage: Maximise your self-consumption and independence

There is no stopping the hike in electricity prices. Time to maximise your consumption of the PV electricity you've produced and reduce your own electricity costs. With KOSTAL inverters, PV electricity can be used optimally.

Sauberer Strom rund um die Uhr: PV-Anlage mit Speicher für mehr Unabhängigkeit

PV system with storage unit: Use your own electricity around the clock

A photovoltaic system with storage is efficient and very advantageous because the self-generated energy can be used practically around the clock, day and night. Not just when it's being produced. Many families need more power in the evenings than at lunchtime. Therefore, storing the electricity until it is needed is the best solution.

As the core component of the system, hybrid inverters from KOSTAL manage the interaction of the PV modules and the energy storage system, and they optimise your electricity supply based on self-learning, forecast-based energy management.

PV system plus storage unit - the components:

1  Photovoltaic modules: The cells in the PV modules convert sunlight directly into electrical energy. A photovoltaic module consists of several solar cells that are electrically interconnected.

2  Inverter: The inverter is considered the heart of every system and is installed between the solar modules and the power grid. It converts the direct current generated by the PV modules into alternating current, which can then be used in the house. Depending on the inverter model, it offers the option of combining a photovoltaic system with storage and also controls the charging and discharging processes of the battery storage.

PV-Anlage mit Speicher: die einzelnen Bestandteile
KOSTAL Energy Meter für dynamische Wirkleistungssteuerung

3  Battery storage: To make optimum use of the PV system for your self-consumption, unused electricity is stored in a battery. The inverter and battery are perfectly coordinated to work together, bringing maximum efficiency, CO2 savings and low storage losses.

4  Consumer appliances: Both the inverter and the battery storage of the photovoltaic system are connected to the house's power grid and therefore deliver electricity to end devices such as the refrigerator, the washing machine or the Smart Home system. And all that when it's actually needed - during the day and at night!

+  Energy meter: The energy meter allows the PV system's energy to be measured in real time. At the same time, it enables dynamic active power control. The preconfigured interface to the inverter ensures easy installation without the need for time-consuming parameter adjustments.


Storing photovoltaic energy for self-consumption: the advantages speak for themselves

The uncertainty caused by ever-increasing electricity prices and climate change is one of the biggest motivations for purchasing a photovoltaic system for your own use. Some people lose sleep worrying over annual bills from energy suppliers.

To rule out any more unpleasant surprises when it comes to their electricity bill, they can rely on KOSTAL. Maximum efficiency levels and optimal performance reduce energy costs and also provide the peace of mind of using clean and safe electricity. For our climate. For our customers.

Photovoltaikanlage mit Speicher im Eigenheim für höheren Eigenverbrauch des PV-Stroms

Photovoltaic app: Maximum overview, maximum simplicity!

The free photovoltaic app for smartphones and tablets allows you to monitor and control your photovoltaics intuitively and conveniently, be it from your sofa at home or a sun lounger on holiday.

Monitoring und Steuerung kinderleicht gemacht mit Photovoltaik-Software

Photovoltaic monitoring made easy

Interactive graphics and descriptive diagrams provide detailed information about current yields and storage performance or warn of power losses. For long-term monitoring, the photovoltaic software provides comparative data from the photovoltaic portal and enables convenient backups using data exports and log data storage.

The system operator can use a virtual battery to check what their individual self-consumption would potentially look like if they had suitable photovoltaic storage. Therefore, the photovoltaic app offers additional support for deciding whether to purchase a PV power storage unit. The photovoltaic software also provides information about additional usage options, such as having a charging station for electric cars, and delivers clear comparative values.

KOSTAL Solar App: Photovoltaic planning, simple and clear

Do you know how much electricity can be used with a battery? How far you could have driven in an electric car using the stored electricity? These and even more functions make the KOSTAL Solar App an efficient tool for photovoltaic monitoring.

A virtual battery provides individual forecasts and valuable insights for further planning or expansion of the PV system.

Professional and comprehensive monitoring. Simple. Flexible. Anywhere. For tablet and smartphone.

Einfaches Monitoring mit der Photovoltaik-App
Photovoltaik-Überwachung einfach und transparent

Transparent photovoltaic monitoring that adapts

Comprehensive system monitoring made easy: By providing a graphical presentation of performance and yield data, the photovoltaic app makes it easy and quick to determine how high the PV system's energy balance is. How much electricity does the system produce and where exactly does it flow to?

The detailed presentation of the energy management system provides a breakdown of your self-consumption and where it can still be optimised.

PV planning with KOSTAL

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Retrofitting a PV system - with repowering for more efficiency

Perfect solar and storage solutions for your PV system