Activation code for hybrid inverters
Activation code for hybrid inverters
Activation code "ENECTOR"

Codes to activate storage usage

Simply purchase the activation code in the webshop, enter it and activate the PIKO MP plus and PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverters for using a solar battery.

Enable the hybrid inverter for storage use

The PLENTICORE plus and PIKO MP plus are configured as pure solar inverters when delivered and are offered at an attractive price. 

Additional functions for using a compatible battery can be unlocked with an activation code. This can be purchased in the KOSTAL webshop by the installer. For the PLENTICORE plus, you enter it as follows:

In the inverter menu:
Settings> Extra options> Activate options > Enter code > Activation complete

via the Webserver: Service menu > Extra options > Release new options > Enter code > Activation complete

The PIKO MP plus can also be used with storage at a later time. It's activated using the activation code available from the web shop by the installer. The code is entered and activated in the Webserver KSEM (KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter) menu connected to the inverter. 

You enter it via the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter menu (Webserver):
Inverter> Add and confirm activation code > Enter 10-digit KSEM activation code > Confirm again > Activation complete

The battery and the PIKO MP plus must be connected to the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter via the RS485 connection and added in the 'Inverter“ menu under 'Devices“. 

Before releasing the activation code, the firmware (software) of the inverter and the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter must be updated.

For further information, please refer to the detailed commissioning description in our download area.

Integrating the ENECTOR wallbox into the KOSTAL complete system

To allow the ENECTOR to use self-generated solar power from a PV system with a KOSTAL inverter, it must be activated in the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter. The activation code can be purchased from the KOSTAL online shop by the installer.
After activation, it is easy and convenient to control the wallbox using the app and various charging modes can be selected. The integrated KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter Webserver, the KOSTAL Solar Portal and the KOSTAL Solar App are available for the comprehensive monitoring and control of all PV outputs. In addition, the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter provides blackout protection for the house connection.
Once you have obtained the activation code, you can enter it using the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter menu (Webserver) by following the steps below: In the menu, go to Activation code > Enter and confirm the 10-digit activation code > The new wallbox menu appears and activation has been successfully completed

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