Press review

Here you will find a small selection of reports on KOSTAL Solar Electric. KOSTAL offers high-quality products for all aspects of photovoltaic systems. From domestic and commercial inverters to energy meters and solar wallboxes, readers will find many informative articles from photovoltaic trade publications as well as magazines on sustainable living, e-mobility and more.

Renovieren XXL

"RENOVIEREN & Energiesparen XXL" (Renovate and Save Energy) is a great remodelling guide that gives homeowners helpful tips on how to modernise their home. This article deals with storage systems and the PLENTICORE.

The online magazine, published by Gentner (photovoltaik, ERNEUERBARE ENERGIEN), reported on the SG Ready capability of the second-generation PLENTICORE plus, and more.

Haus und Elektronik

"Haus und Elektronik" (Home and Electronics) is a trade journal for electrical and building services engineering aimed at experts. This issue was about the compatibility between the PLENTICORE plus and heat pumps. is the online magazine of the trade journal "de" for the electrical trade. This article was about an update for the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter that enables additional modes for the ENECTOR wallbox.

Smart Homes

"Smart Homes", the magazine for intelligent living, explained how the PLENTICORE plus works and why it is the ideal choice for the discerning PV system owner who wants full control over their system.


In a special section on building design, "Deutsche Ingenieurblatt" (German engineering journal) reported on the second generation of the PLENTICORE plus. The trade magazine's website can be found at

Electric Drive

The magazine "Electric Drive" reported in detail across two pages on the KOSTAL ENECTOR wallbox and the possibilities it provides in combination with the KOSTAL PLENTICORE inverter and the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter. 


The international solar magazine "PES" devoted four pages to KOSTAL Solar Electric's product milestones, focusing on the success story and future development of the PIKO CI commercial inverter.


With a focus on renewable energies, "Solarserver" reports on economic developments, new products and more. This article was about the PLENTICORE plus' improved sleep mode.


The trade magazine "photovoltaik" presents the versatile selection of home storage systems in modular operation and also explained the flexible PLENTICORE hybrid inverter, which is compatible with many batteries from well-known manufacturers.


The magazine "greenhome" regularly reports on current trends for the environmentally conscious home. In this article, "greenhome" presents the German government's Easter package of renewable energy support measures and highlights the advantages of KOSTAL products in this context.


The magazine "50,2" informs readers about topics related to the future of our power supply. In this two-page article, "50,2" reported on the positive market development of the PIKO CI commercial inverter.

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