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PIKO CI 30 – the inverter for small businesses

The PIKO CI inverter for small businesses offers strong power in an intelligent way: cost-optimised – secure – reliable

Inverter for small businesses: Good reasons to choose the PIKO CI 30

The KOSTAL PIKO CI 30 inverter for small businesses puts photovoltaics within reach of companies. The 30 kW solar inverter boasts impressive performance and durability.

Tailor-made for businesses, the KOSTAL PIKO CI 30 inverter for small businesses offers great added value in every aspect: great intelligence – great convenience – and great benefits.

Photovoltaics are the energy source of choice for businesses that want to cut their expenses as electricity costs continue to rise. The PIKO CI 30 from KOSTAL meets power requirements efficiently and cost-effectively, allowing companies to rely on self-generated renewable energy for their own needs.

In this way, companies bring optimal balance to their own cost-benefit structure – producing the electricity they need themselves with a solar system and thinking and acting sustainably at the same time.

With an inverter for small businesses, the results speak for themselves: energy costs go down, the purchase of a solar system increases the property value and an established photovoltaic system also brings tax advantages.

Inverter for small businesses: PIKO CI 30 with the performance you need

In the long term, the photovoltaic system generates stable returns thanks to guaranteed feed-in compensation. 

An inverter for small businesses such as the PIKO CI 30 fulfils this demanding task with a business-oriented and environmentally friendly approach: great convenience, the greatest efficiency. Maximum added value.

In its product line, KOSTAL has the appropriate solution with the right performance capacity for companies' demanding requirements: the PIKO CI 30 commercial inverter.

The inverter for small businesses is specially designed for the needs of small businesses. With 33 kVA, it delivers exactly the performance required. The only specified feature is the power requirement. In all other respects, the PIKO CI 30 fits into every business.

This solar inverter for small commercial PV systems can be used in a wide range of spaces, indoors and – thanks to the IP-certified housing – outdoors, so you can choose where to install it on your business premises.

PIKO CI 30: Inverters for small businesses in practice

The PIKO CI 30 is the perfect solution for small businesses looking to install a PV system. The inverter for small businesses acts as a switch board and control centre for the solar system and makes the solar power available to use. 

The PIKO CI 30 is characterised by a high efficiency of up to 98 percent, transforming the direct current supplied into the alternating current required for consumption with almost no losses.

In everyday use, the PIKO CI 30 proves itself with its outstanding convenience: it is easy to use and is operationally robust at low and high temperatures.

Inverter for small businesses: PIKO CI 30 from KOSTAL

The PIKO CI 30 can be installed easily and conveniently via smartphone or tablet using the free KOSTAL PIKO CI app.

Data communication is entirely smooth thanks to state-of-the-art software and hardware with all the associated interfaces.

This ensures efficient operation with complete transparency and flexible monitoring. KOSTAL also offers two free monitoring tools for smartphones and PCs: the KOSTAL Solar App and the KOSTAL Solar Portal.

KOSTAL PIKO CI 30: Reliable for businesses

The inverter for small businesses from KOSTAL ensures that the generator is optimally designed by supporting 1000 volts of DC system voltage.

This allows the rated output of the solar system to be reached quickly, while the output power can be optimally utilised. Great performance is of course included: 14 amps of input current per string and 40.5 amps per MPP tracker are standard. 

Special features implemented in the inverter ensure that this happens reliably. Optimal continuous monitoring of all strings and type 2 AC/DC overvoltage protection increase the continuous activity time with a stabilised grid, as excessive voltage levels are immediately compensated for.

KOSTAL PIKO CI 30: Maximum energy yields for businesses

The inverter for small businesses enables an over-allocation of up to 50 percent input to output power for the PV system during operation.

In this way, the full PV power is intelligently configured to the AC rated output and as a result offers the highest possible energy yields at reduced costs.

As an additional component for reducing costs, the PIKO CI 30 has an integrated AC switch, meaning that an external circuit breaker up to 135 kWp is not required.

KOSTAL PIKO CI 30: Maximised efficiency is built in

The solar system's active power limitation is an attractive feature, as it means that the public grid is not overloaded with current that is fed in by PV systems.

The PIKO CI 30 has featured dynamic active power control since the very first generation of devices.

Depending on the energy yield and business objectives, the PIKO CI enables active power to be limited, e.g. to 70 percent, to be regulated externally using a ripple control receiver or for the regulation to be completely cancelled up to zero feed-in.

The last option enables the company to be completely self-sufficient with the entire available solar power capacity. No additional set-up components are required for zero feed-in, meaning no extra costs.

KOSTAL PIKO CI 30: Data logging for effective energy management

The data logging function is based on high-quality material sources. Four-core copper conductors meet this requirement and mean that no neutral conductor is required for installation.

The end result is optimum measurement results and cost reduction at detailed level. The integrated data logger records, saves and reports the operating history of the PV system very precisely at all times.

This makes it easy to set new parameters and makes it simple for companies to optimise or expand their systems while saving time.

The use of additional systems, such as plant controllers and external data loggers, is also supported by the PIKO CI 30, creating great system flexibility with this device.

KOSTAL PIKO CI 30: System monitoring and installation

To provide system monitoring, KOSTAL has created free tools for mapping the MMP tracking of solar systems.

The PIKO CI generates energy output that is adapted almost entirely to the intensity of the sun using dual MPP tracking. The energy output can be continually monitored, adjusted and optimised using the KOSTAL Solar Portal.

This means that the greatest possible benefit can be obtained from the PV system with the greatest level of flexibility, which in turn translates into the greatest possible consumption capacities.

Commissioning the PIKO CI 30 can also save time and reduce costs: with help from the specially developed KOSTAL PIKO CI App, the inverter is quick and easy to set up and start.

All smart advantages at a glance:

  • Optimised generator design due to system voltage of up to 1000 V
  • Over-allocation of up to 50% (DC to AC) permits flexible generator design
  • Cost-optimised 4-wire AC connection, no neutral conductor
  • Integrated data logger backs up system information at all times
  • Constant monitoring of the two MPP trackers via KOSTAL Solar Portal/Solar Terminal
  • Easy installation and configurationusing the KOSTAL PIKO CI App

PIKO CI 30: The inverter for small businesses from KOSTAL brings many opportunities

The PIKO CI 30 is convenient to manage in every aspect. The PV modules are connected directly to the DC sockets, so no string combiner boxes are required, saving time and money. Each PV solar string is constantly monitored, so the business benefits in terms of yield and service.

For system maintenance, the PIKO CI 30 can be disconnected quickly and easily via the voltage separator integrated into the device. This avoids the extra work involved in using an additional application.

Two LAN interfaces (RJ45) on the PIKO CI 30 network multiple PV systems via daisy chain communication if required. This means that the existing system can be conveniently expanded and several inverters can be used in a network.

If the power capacity requirements increase, the PIKO CI 30 becomes the solution in expanding system designs. Up to 32 participants can be integrated into the communications via the built-in RS485 bus interface, which demonstrates the high flexibility in the commercially operated system configuration.

In addition, the Wi-Fi connection available as standard enables wireless communication. The high compatibility of the PIKO CI 30 with popular plant controllers is another plus for communication management. This ensures automated, grid-compliant feed-in management at the grid connection point. The feed-in management can also be automatic, integrated via the PIKO CI 30, which includes an option for simple direct marketing.

Small businesses with a solar system are also optimally covered by KOSTAL if there is a malfunction: registered users can benefit from an extendable five-year warranty for the best protection.

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