Save on electricity costs with photovoltaics in your home

KOSTAL and photovoltaics: For our home. For our climate.

Save up to 80 % in electricity costs with PV electricity. Simple. Efficient. KOSTAL.

KOSTAL inverters in the home: all application solutions at a glance

Photovoltaikanlage im Eigenheim für ein gemütliches Zuhause und niedrige Stromkosten

KOSTAL efficiency: optimum PV use in the home and low electricity costs

PV-Anlage mit speicher -Strom rund um die Uhr speichern und nutzen

KOSTAL inverters: Store and use PV electricity 24/7

PV-Speicher ganz einfach und schnell nachrüsten

KOSTAL inverter solutions: Retrofitting PV storage units made easy

Neue Power für alte Anlagen: Photovoltaik-Repowering

From old to new: Modernise the PV system 

Mit PV-Anlagen im Eigenheim effektiv Stromkosten senken

PV systems in private homes

With highly efficient devices like KOSTAL inverters, owners of a PV system in their own homes have the best prerequisites for reducing their electricity costs effectively and in the long term. In this way, they benefit not only from clean electricity, but also from low bills from their electricity supplier, meaning that they are no longer encumbered by rising electricity prices.

Those who also use the electricity they generate themselves don't need to spend hard-earned money on conventional electricity. KOSTAL inverters are compatible with many storage unit manufacturers, meaning that solar power can be used optimally throughout the house: be it for direct consumption or for temporary storage.

PV planning with KOSTAL

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Retrofitting a PV system - with repowering for more efficiency

Perfect solar and storage solutions for your PV system