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KOSTAL Solar Electric – generating and using energy smartly

KOSTAL Solar Electric, founded in 2006, is a leading manufacturer of innovative string inverters and storage systems for private and small commercial photovoltaic systems.

KOSTAL Solar Electric: Quality and innovation by tradition

As a provider of solutions for smart power generation and usage, we work closely with various partners, including those from the Smart Home sector, but also with our customers to enable you to source environmentally friendly, clean energy from your own roof.

We develop and produce our innovative solutions for the energy of the future in Germany so we can offer our customers the very highest quality standards. We benefit from the experience that the KOSTAL Group has gathered from supplying the automotive trade for over 100 years.

True to our "Smart connections." brand promise, which is based on a real spirit of partnership, we support you along the way and share information with you extensively; see, for example, our
service area FAQs, designed to make our inverters easier to install, operate and use.

Free product training sessions at various locations in Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece and France  improve your specialist knowledge of how to install and set up our products.

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Connecting for 10 years: a retrospective

For us, "Smart connections." isn't just the philosophy which guides our actions, it's also a promise to our partners.

KOSTAL Solar Electric says "Thank you"

Thanks to the strong, close partnerships we've been able to build over the years with you, our customers, suppliers and service providers, 2016 saw us celebrate our 10th birthday.

We took this as an opportunity to host a range of joint activities during our anniversary year of 2016; on the one hand, this was to make our brand come alive for all our partners, but on the other, it was also to say a huge thank you for the 10 years we've spent together. Join us as we take a trip down memory lane!

€25,000 anniversary donation for a KOSTAL Solar Village in Uganda

The KOSTAL Group has long taken its corporate social responsibilities seriously, so we couldn't let the anniversary year pass without some kind of charity campaign. That's why, for every PIKO inverter order we received in 2016, we donated €10 to the Stiftung Solarenergie (Solar Energy Foundation).

We even decided to forgo a big anniversary celebration, instead marking our birthday on 19 December 2016 by handing over the proceeds of our fundraising campaign to the Solar Energy Foundation. A fantastic total sum was raised: €25,000.

"This sum will enable us to achieve so much more through our solar projects in East Africa than we originally thought possible and to really transform people's lives there for the better,”
said a delighted Dr Harald Schützeichel, Director of Solar Energy Foundation.

Since the donation was more than enough to connect the Ugandan village of Kasozi up and enable it to harness the power of the sun by the end of January, we decided to use the leftover funds to electrify the 'KOSTAL Solar Village“, located in the Jinja region.

This extra project laid the foundation for further development in the village and is making life so much easier for the residents. Thanks to your support, medical care in Jinja has been fundamentally improved, women have been able to access education through evening classes and jobs have been created, e.g. for overseeing the energy supply in the village.

Our philosophy: "Smart connections."

The path to the goal is rarely direct. For us, "Smart connections" means that the wishes of our customers  are brought together with the special expertise of the KOSTAL Group to create a unique range of services .

Create connections, exploit advantages

Our philosophy "Smart connections." is based on the extensive experience of the KOSTAL Group, which, combined with our competitive edge, guides everything we do. These advantages and factors interact in perfect harmony, allowing us to create smart connections between us and our customers, as well as between product and application solutions and their users. Connections that are well-thought-out and that focus on long-term success.

The KOSTAL family
Not only within our company group, but also in our dealings with all partners, we see ourselves as a KOSTAL family, in which each member can rely on all the others. The appreciation we have for one another and the long-standing relations we have with our customers guarantee a code of conduct built on human values and tradition.

A solid partnership

Our partnership concept allows us to collaborate closely with our customers, resulting, amongst other things, in a high-quality sales offering and an optimum selection of products.

Quality-offensive thinking
The high quality standards demonstrated at KOSTAL include a keen sense of quality, stringent error management, warranties and open communication. These attributes enable us to strive for quality in the interest of our customers.

Shaping the future

Today, we're already thinking about tomorrow, and are eager to actively share knowledge as a way of giving our customers some extra added value. We promote collaborative thinking through intensive dialogue, thus shaping the future together with our partners.

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