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Enjoy complete control with KOSTAL tools and applications

In addition to its product portfolio, KOSTAL provides software solutions that really help to simplify processes such as planning, installation, monitoring and maintenance. All tools and applications are constantly being developed further and are free of charge for installers and users.

KOSTAL tools and applications at a glance

KOSTAL Solar App

Whether you're on the move or at home, with the KOSTAL Solar App, you can monitor your solar system wherever you are. The KOSTAL Solar App visualises both power generation and self-consumption – and also includes a connected battery storage system.

If a storage system has not yet been integrated, the KOSTAL Solar App provides the function of a virtual battery, allowing simulation of an energy forecast and making it easier to reach a decision on the purchase.

All you need to get started with the KOSTAL Solar App is access to the KOSTAL Solar Portal and the inverter data held there.

KOSTAL Solar Plan

The online version of the KOSTAL Solar Plan is the new professional online layout software for installers.

No matter whether you're working with a PC, tablet or smartphone, the KOSTAL Solar Plan can be used to lay out complete PV systems, create customer quotations or automate reports.

The integration of Google Maps and a global weather and irradiation database makes it easy to determine the yield potential.

The KOSTAL Solar Plan will significantly simplify planning and laying out solar systems, especially for installers.

KOSTAL Solar Portal

The KOSTAL Solar Portal is the comprehensive monitoring solution for operators of photovoltaic systems.

The KOSTAL Solar Portal allows various pieces of information, such as yield data, system output and home consumption, to be displayed graphically and includes various functions that help to optimise use of the solar power generated.

The Solar Portal is also the basis for using the KOSTAL Solar App. Thanks to the Solar App, the user can access all the information at any time on their smartphone or tablet.

KOSTAL Solar Terminal

The KOSTAL Solar Terminal is the central platform for getting started with all digital business processes at KOSTAL. From here, you can access all other central KOSTAL applications in just one click.

These include the KOSTAL Solar Portal, the KOSTAL Solar online shop, the KOSTAL Solar Plan and more.

The KOSTAL Solar Terminal can be used by both plant operators (private and commercial) and business customers (installers and specialist dealers).

Users can manage all their data themselves at any time. New functions are constantly being added to the terminal, which is free to use.

KOSTAL solar calculator

The KOSTAL solar calculator determines the potential of a photovoltaic system. It only takes a few clicks to determine the optimum use of the solar energy generated.

The solar calculator takes into account parameters such as annual electricity consumption in the household, output of the PV system, usable capacity of the battery storage system and for an electric vehicle, kilometres driven annually.

The calculator illustrates at a glance the relationship between direct consumption, battery discharge and grid consumption or grid feed-in.

KOSTAL Solar Repowering

Repowering involves replacing existing components, such as the inverter, with a new, more powerful and more efficient product.

This is where the KOSTAL Solar Repowering Tool comes into play. With its help, the existing inverter, as well as the number of feed-in phases and installation site, can be selected from all available brands so that the user is shown suitable KOSTAL replacement devices.

The results table shows all the important key figures for the current device and for the suggested replacement devices. These key figures include the peak power, number of MPP trackers, input voltages and more. It’s easy to select the right product on this basis.