Hybrid-inverters from KOSTAL

Even more efficiency for your solar system

Hybrid-inverters from KOSTAL: variety with every device

Efficient PV energy generation and a wide range of options for storing solar power. KOSTAL expertise with distinction. PLENTICORE plus has won several awards in the electricity storage inspection and repeatedly achieved top rankings.

KOSTAL hybrid inverters: these versatile units always fit in

If efficiency and performance are required, KOSTAL hybrid inverters are the perfect choice. The PIKO MP plus is ideal for small systems and the PLENTICORE plus is great wherever more power is required. Our hybrid inverters have been distinguished on numerous occasions for their efficiency and impress with the quality you expect from KOSTAL in every device. The PLENTICORE plus achieved top rankings several times in the large-scale electricity storage inspection of the HTW Berlin in combination with the BYD Battery-Box.

Suitable for any PV system, from private homes to business premises, KOSTAL hybrid inverters offer an enormous range of possible applications, from using the solar energy directly for self-consumption to using it to supply electric cars with energy.

Why a hybrid inverter from KOSTAL is the right choice:

It's possible to retrofit the battery immediately or at any time

Awarded on numerous occasions for their efficiency

The right device for all private applications 

Unrestricted choice of  battery storage

High self-consumption due to fast battery charging and discharging times

Single and three-phase product portfolio


Not ready for a storage unit just yet when buying  your PV system? With the hybrid inverters from KOSTAL, you can leave a port free during installation, allowing you to retrofit a battery at a later date whenever you see fit. You only pay for this function when you need it, using an activation code.

KOSTAL product overview


PIKO MP plus

Single-phase for smart power generation, smart storage and smart use. Perfect for smaller PV systems.



Three-phase for smart power generation, storage and use with an efficiency that has won numerous awards.



3-phase for smart solar power generation, storage and with backup function

Hybrid inverters from KOSTAL: Efficient. Simple. Flexible.

KOSTAL hybrid inverters simply fit any PV system. Universally applicable: more possibilities, more flexibility. It's possible to retrofit storage at a later date without any problems. Costs are only incurred when the storage option is activated. 


KOSTAL makes PV systems fit for the future

E-mobility from the excellent hybrid inverter: The PLENTICORE plus is the perfect device if the solar power will also be used to charge electric cars.

Quick. Quicker. KOSTAL: Our hybrid inverters have a high charging and discharging capacity. Maximum efficiency even when the storage unit is being charged: This increases your self-consumption and saves you money on electricity procurement costs.

KOSTAL hybrid inverters are not only distinguished by their efficiency, they are also known for easy installation. No fiddling with different methods. All our devices are installed on the same principle, which makes tradespeople happy and reduces the installation costs involved.

Install a hybrid inverter now: retrofit storage later

The storage systems available today are very efficient and much cheaper than they were a few years ago. If you're still undecided and want to wait, you still make the right choice with KOSTAL hybrid inverters. Initially, these can be installed as pure solar inverters and you can simply purchase the storage option at a later date.

Furthermore, you only pay for the battery function when you need it. You pay using an activation code, which can be purchased from the webshop. Therefore, with a KOSTAL hybrid inverter, you're optimally equipped for the future.

Why store solar power?

Photovoltaics is a renewable and climate-friendly energy source as it generates power from solar energy. However, this solar power can only be used when the sun is shining. So what happens after the sun goes down?

Anyone wanting to consume as much of the sustainable energy as possible themselves, and at any time, is clearly reliant on a storage system because this provides the solar power when the sun isn't shining. The storage unit is always charged during the day with surplus solar power, which is then available at night.

This increases the level of self-consumption, which isn't not just environmentally friendly, but also saves on electricity costs.

KOSTAL explains: What does this actually mean...?

In photovoltaics, you sometimes encounter terms that are not clear at first glance. We're here to help.

  • Energy self-sufficiency means supplying all your energy needs yourself so that you no longer have to purchase any power from the grid operator. With a photovoltaic system and battery storage unit, you can maximise your self-consumption and even use the energy generated at night. This makes you less dependent on energy suppliers and allows you to cover up to 80 percent of your annual power requirements (depending on your individual energy consumption) with the PV system.
  • The energy generated by a photovoltaic system is first fed into the home network. This energy is used directly by consumers in the home (e.g. by electrical appliances like a washing machine or television). This is called self-consumption. 
  • The mains grid operator often sets a feed-in restriction (e.g. restricting it to 70 % of the PV energy generated). If this is the case, the inverter first covers self-consumption and then reduces output to the maximum current feed-in permitted by the grid operator. In some countries, no photovoltaic power whatsoever can be fed into the grid. This is called zero feed-in. And this can also be achieved with the PLENTICORE plus and the PIKO MP plus, meaning that the requirements of the grid operator are satisfied with ease.

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