Lower operating costs with solar power
Mit Solaranlagen im Unternehmen Betriebskosten senken

KOSTAL Solar solutions for businesses

Companies benefit from solar power generation on their own roof. Cheap. Independent.

Solar systems for businesses brings them more independence

Businesses that generate electricity on the roof of their own premises benefit from several advantages: They reduce their annual operating costs and, as they become less reliant on public energy suppliers, they are safeguarded very well against rising electricity costs.
With KOSTAL inverters, the electricity can either be used immediately or transferred to a solar storage unit for later use. The unit buffers the electricity until it's needed.

Overview of KOSTAL inverter business solutions

Efficiency & reduction in operating costs for companies and businesses

Maximum solar utilisation with the right storage system, around the clock

Retrofit solar storage systems: more independence and flexibility

Simply modernise your solar system thanks to the KOSTAL Repowering Tool

PV planning with KOSTAL

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Retrofitting a PV system - with repowering for more efficiency

Perfect solar and storage solutions for your PV system