Store solar power efficiently
Become energy independent

Solar power storage: Use the electricity generated at any time

With solar storage solutions from KOSTAL, companies can use the electricity they have generated irrespective of the time of day. Maximum efficiency even with large energy requirements.


Efficient solar power storage with KOSTAL inverters

Solar power storage is also growing in importance for businesses. Businesses benefit from having the option of using the solar power they generate themselves even at night, e.g. businesses operating in
shifts or to cover the basic server capacity requirement at night. This enables businesses to reduce their electricity procurement costs from the grid operator and to increase their self-consumption.
KOSTAL's hybrid and battery inverters achieve maximum efficiency – even with high energy requirements – and so deliver the best possible performance.
The two storage systems PLENTICORE plus and PLENTICORE BI have been awarded on numerous occasions for outstanding efficiency and achieved top SPI ratings in all applications in the 2020 Energy Storage Inspection.

Solar systems with storage for businesses: advantages and benefits

Competitive advantage thanks to a reduction in production costs

Planning reliability thanks to a secure investment

Tax advantages by offsetting investment costs

The core of every photovoltaic system: The inverters from KOSTAL

With PLENTICORE plus, KOSTAL offers a highly efficient hybrid inverter, which forms the heart of every photovoltaic system. KOSTAL's device is particularly suitable for generating and storing solar power in businesses. With up to 6.5 kW charging and discharging capacity, the PLENTICORE plus is particularly suitable for storing solar power in small businesses.

Any business that already owns a solar system can also add a storage unit to temporarily store the solar power generated and consume it at a later date. PLENTICORE BI, the best in test of AC battery inverters with up to 10 kW charging and discharging capacity, is also suitable for businesses with increased energy requirements. With up to three BYD batteries, the KOSTAL inverter achieves a capacity of up to 66 kW.

Components for the best possible solar yields

Measurement of solar power in real time. No adjustment of the parameters necessary. Easy installation

Generation and/or storage of the generated solar power in the battery

Optimal storage performance until it's used by efficient systems e.g. by BYD or BMZ

PV planning with KOSTAL

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Retrofitting a PV system - with repowering for more efficiency

Perfect solar and storage solutions for your PV system

Battery for more energy independence

Rising electricity costs? These can be avoided with a battery. The solar power is simply stored until it's needed. This means that companies require less electricity from the public grid. For more independence from energy suppliers.

Store solar power: Maximise your own use and energy self-sufficiency

From the outset, companies have a different solar power usage profile to individuals. While homeowners need the energy in the morning and evening hours, businesses consume it when it's produced: throughout the day.

Nevertheless, a solar system with a storage unit can help them to optimise their self-consumption and to use it irrespective of the time of day. This allows companies that have shift work to use the solar power they generate even after sunset, increasing their self-consumption. Storage is also worthwhile for smaller companies, for example to supply servers or similar with solar power at night.

Those who rely on electromobility can, of course, charge their company fleet with solar power after work to save even more in electricity costs.

Store electricity by using inverters with a battery

There are various ways for companies to store the solar power they generate:

Hybrid inverter with battery:

The PLENTICORE plus can be used to generate solar power or to store it directly in a battery. This solution is particularly suitable for new solar systems or for smaller companies with average energy consumption.

Storage connection with battery inverter:

This solution makes sense if an existing system was previously operated without storage and is going to be retrofitted with storage later on, or for companies with increased energy requirements. Because, with the PLENTICORE BI, up to three BYD batteries can be used.

Adapt energy use to the load profile

By using power storage, the operator's own use of the solar power can be adapted to perfectly match the operational load profile. There are certain times when the electricity demand is significantly higher than production, especially with companies like bakeries. Due to the nature of the industry, these are usually outside daylight hours.

When the bakery starts its machines at four o'clock in the morning or eight o'clock in the evening, the sun is not yet in the sky or no longer available (depending on the season) to produce the electricity required.

At these times, electricity often has to be purchased from public energy suppliers. With an electricity storage system that stores solar power during the day and makes it available during peak hours, these load peaks can be avoided, along with the additional electricity costs.

Regardless of when the business needs more power, by using a solar battery, it can always access its own power with the right system design. This offers companies attractive cost savings.

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Retrofitting a PV system - with repowering for more efficiency

Perfect solar and storage solutions for your PV system