The new PIKO CI 100
commercial inverter

With the PIKO CI 100, KOSTAL is introducing a powerful
addition to the PIKO CI commercial inverter series.

New partnership between
KOSTAL and Dyness

As of now, the KOSTAL inverters from the PLENTICORE series
are also compatible with the Tower ESS storage unit from Dyness

The big KOSTAL
customer survey 2023

More product innovations and improved service:
KOSTAL surveys installers and specialist partners across
Europe in its annual large customer survey.

KOSTAL Wallbox ENECTOR convinces. With sustainability and design.

Awarded the Green GOOD DESIGN Award

KOSTAL Energy Meter -
the cheap alternative

The simple and fast energy meter
with basic functions

KOSTAL Solar Electric - Intelligent and sustainable inverters

A leading supplier of inverters and storage systems since 2006

KOSTAL inverters – Ideal for every requirement

Use PV power flexibly and reduce electricity costs

PV systems in private homes

Reduce operating costs and benefit in the long term

Solar systems in companies

Always the perfect solution for every PV system

KOSTAL product overview

KOSTAL Solar Electric

Smart connections. From tradition. Our experience for our customers.

KOSTAL Solar Electric - Quality and innovation. Smart combined

KOSTAL Solar Electric was founded in 2006 as a separate branch of the KOSTAL Group and since then has stood for smart power generation and use. We're continuously developing innovative solutions for the energy of the future so that our customers can use ecological and clean energy - right from their own roof!

So that we can offer our customers the best possible KOSTAL service, we work closely with partners from various sectors, such as the Smart Home sector. Because quality is just as important to us as customer satisfaction, KOSTAL Solar Electric carries out its development and production work in Germany to be able to guarantee the highest quality standards. We have over 100 years of experience as an automotive supplier: another of our plus points.

To ensure that our customers and partners feel safe and familiar with installing and setting up our products, we offer free product training courses from KOSTAL Solar Electric at various locations in Germany, Italy, Spain and France.

KOSTAL in Hagen houses the German headquarters of our parent company KOSTAL Industrie Elektrik, while KOSTAL Solar Electric has established its German headquarters in Freiburg im Breisgau. We've been successful since we were founded in 1912 and are doing our best to continue impressing people in the future with our usual KOSTAL levels of quality.

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