Service hotline and contact

Our Service team is available by telephone to answer all your questions before and after your purchase, for example:

  • General technical advice and warranty processing
  • Support for system planning using the KOSTAL Solar Plan configuration software
  • Help with commissioning
  • Support for system analysis and advice on configuring system monitoring

Phone +49 761 47744 222 (Mon-Fri from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Service code/PARAKO

The system-specific shutdown limits can be adapted to the grid operator's requirements using the PARAKO parameterisation software or the service code for the PLENTICORE plus and PIKO IQ inverters.

Before a personal password can be allocated, we, KOSTAL Solar Electric, need you to confirm that you're an electrician from an authorised specialist company and that you won't disclose the password to the plant owner. Therefore, please download the registration form, fill it out, scan it in and return it via our contact form.


You can submit a complaint outside our hotline opening hours. Please complete the questionnaire  and send it to us, together with the log data, as an attachment to our contact form. If the inverter isn't included in our free KOSTAL Solar Portal, please interrogate the log data from the device.

Great news: Your request will be treated as a priority.