The inverter for commercial applications

PIKO CI 50/60 – the KOSTAL inverter for commercial use

The PIKO CI 50/60 commercial inverter from KOSTAL supplies the solar energy that companies require efficiently and safely

KOSTAL PIKO CI 50/60: The commercial inverter for large photovoltaic systems

The KOSTAL PIKO CI 50/60 offers the best performance as a suitable response to companies' power requirements. Everything for commercial power requirements. After all, a solar system with a suitable inverter for commercial use is indispensable, for good reason.

Companies that have large electricity requirements want a photovoltaic system specific to commercial operations so that they can supply themselves with renewable energy at low cost.

And companies have several options at their fingertips: rooftop systems, large open spaces, car park roofs and much more.

Large-scale PV systems achieve an operating life of more than 20 years. The PIKO CI 50/60 is the inverter for commercial use and proves its durability in tough continuous operation.

This makes it obvious that the PV system amortises rapidly and is cost-effective.

Commercial inverter PIKO CI 50/60: Generate income from solar power

From a PV system size of more than 135 kWp, it is mandatory to market solar energy surpluses directly, generating revenue in electricity trading.

The PIKO CI 50/60 fulfils this requirement ex factory and ensures simple energy management. The PIKO CI 50/60 is also the perfect solution for large-scale operations which focus on absolute full feed-in with pure PV revenue from self-produced electricity.

This means that direct marketing has a positive effect on the company's balance sheet, whether it uses complete feed-in or a combination of self-consumption and feed-in.

Commercial inverter PIKO CI 50/60: Smart photovoltaic system for companies

The PIKO CI 50/60 inverter for commercial applications is part of a solar product range from KOSTAL. 
With the other KOSTAL products and the PIKO CI 50/60, it is possible to connect PV modules, HV battery storage, other inverters and energy meters together in a complete system.

This also enables heating, hot water, air conditioning/ventilation systems and other consumers, and even electric vehicles and other renewable energy sources, to be integrated across sectors into the circuit.

All using KOSTAL products and compatible reliable components from partners. This creates absolute reliability for long-term and efficient operation.

Commercial inverter PIKO CI 50/60: Photovoltaics with high performance

The PIKO CI 50/60 was specially developed by KOSTAL to meet companies' demands for a commercial inverter. Its performance features include flexible design options, top-class performance at 50 to 60 kilowatts and great compatibility with peripherals. It is equally suitable as a retrofit for existing systems and as a new installation.

The PIKO CI 50/60 is the perfect inverter for large roofs and open spaces. The KOSTAL commercial inverter has an impressively high efficiency of over 98 percent with an MPP tracking yield of almost one hundred percent.

This means optimum production for maximum benefit. With the inverter's ease of use and high compatibility with components in the KOSTAL system, such as battery storage, wallbox, heat pump and much more, this efficiency is reflected in every detail of the system. The PIKO CI is economical to purchase and efficient in operation.

Commercial inverter PIKO CI 50/60: Smart power in a single device

The commercial inverter is an all-rounder. Be smart when generating solar power by using the very latest and largest PV modules available on the market and use state-of-the-art interfaces to pass on the available energy, which is transformed from DC to AC. This ensures that the system is operated transparently, efficiently and with high productivity.

The PIKO CI from KOSTAL operates at a DC system voltage of 1100 volts. As a result, the rated output of the system is quickly reached and the output power is optimally utilised. This means that the generator output is optimised and consistently and reliably offers the best energy yields.

Commercial inverter PIKO CI 50/60: Reduce costs and maximise yield

The inverter for commercial use allows 50 percent over-allocation from DC to AC, meaning that the generator can be designed flexibly and offers great scope for system layout.

In terms of feed-in management, the PIKO CI 50/60 commercial inverter can be dynamically controlled in its active power. This makes it easy to handle solar power surpluses for feed-in.

The PIKO CI 50/60 creates the best communication and compatibility with plant controllers, central controllers, ripple control receivers and the grid operator thanks to the interfaces implemented and the functionality that supports energy management.

Commercial inverter PIKO CI 50/60: Optimum measurement results for high efficiency levels

All materials in the PIKO CI 50/60 commercial inverter are designed to achieve optimum measurement results, right down to the connected four-core copper cables, which make a neutral conductor superfluous in symmetrical networks. This is the only way to ensure optimal energy management of the PV system using the integrated data logging feature.

The standardised data logging system in the PIKO CI 50/60 commercial inverter records the entire operating history of the system and displays it in the free KOSTAL Solar Portal and KOSTAL Solar App securely and at any time.

Data analysis enables short- and long-term modulations of system operation, which further optimises efficiency and allows optimum planning if the system is expanded.

Commercial inverter from KOSTAL: Free monitoring

The PIKO CI commercial inverter obtains the best possible PV energy yield using efficient MPP tracking. Because the operating states are shown in the KOSTAL Solar Portal, the company can always monitor the system – free of charge and from anywhere.

The amount of PV energy generated is set in relation to the company's consumption and feed-in rates. This creates an optimal picture, offering the chance to make the right decisions on future system operation.

The end result is a smooth process of monitoring, analysis and adaptation that yields greater efficiency.

PIKO CI 50/60 commercial inverter – easy installation via app

The CI commercial inverter is installed and commissioned using a smart solution: the PIKO CI can be easily and quickly integrated into the PV system via the PIKO CI app. This makes commissioning simple and reduces costs by saving time. For specialist companies and end customers alike.

All the smart benefits of the PIKO CI 50/60 at a glance

  • Optimised generator design with system voltage of up to 1100 V
  • Over-allocation of up to 50% (DC to AC) permits flexible generator design
  • Cost-optimised 4-wire AC connection, no neutral conductor (in symmetrical networks)
  • Integrated data logger backs up system information at all times
  • Constant monitoring of the MPP trackers via KOSTAL Solar Portal
  • Simple installation and configuration via KOSTAL PIKO CI app

Summary: PIKO CI 50/60 commercial inverters – the guarantee of maximum PV yields for businesses

Alongside simple installation, the PIKO CI 50/60 commercial inverter offers outstanding convenience when operating a system. The PV module is connected directly and without string combiner boxes so that the connection between solar cells and commercial inverters can be implemented quickly and at a reduced cost. The PV strings are permanently monitored, which provides high system efficiency and the best service.

If it is necessary to disconnect the commercial inverter from the DC voltage, this can be done on site via the integrated voltage separator with minimal effort and without additional components.
The PIKO CI is both a strong player on its own and also a perfect team player in a daisy chain configuration thanks to its two LAN interfaces. With these interfaces, it is easy to set up a network of several commercial inverters and system segments, so that there are no limits to expanding the PV system.

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