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KOSTAL's fuel station for your home – attractive design coupled with maximum performance

It's what everyone wants: advanced charging technology, high quality and compatibility with a wide range of fully electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. And it's exactly what the ENECTOR, the new wallbox from KOSTAL, delivers.

Simply ENECTOR: the wallbox from KOSTAL

ENECTOR, the wallbox from KOSTAL, enables you to drive sustainably. Already wired ready for connection upon delivery, the ENECTOR is ready to go right away. The simple principle is "plug and charge". The ENECTOR from KOSTAL is compatible with a wide range of fully electric vehicles and hybrid models.

The design of the ENECTOR wallbox is both simple and elegant in keeping with its function. The compact construction makes space-saving installation possible. The robust housing allows safe use indoors and out. An LED display on the front of the housing quickly and clearly informs you of all important status messages and displays the charging mode.

The equipment provided with the KOSTAL wallbox is impressive too: the 7.5 metre charging cable included in the scope of delivery provides sufficient flexibility for refuelling your electric vehicle within easy reach. The type 2 charging plug for the vehicle connection is matched to the charging point in the common mode 3.

The ENECTOR has a single-phase output of 3.7 kW and a three-phase output of 11 kW, with a current of up to 16 amps per phase. Whether you use it with or without a solar system, the KOSTAL wallbox charges your electric vehicle from all available energy sources.

Simply charge

Fast, battery-friendly charging is an important feature and this is just one of the great strengths of the KOSTAL wallbox. When combined with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter, optional convenience functions are also available. In Power mode, ENECTOR focuses on fast charging with the maximum available power. Lock mode locks the charging function, preventing unwanted use.

The two solar charging modes, Solar Pure and Solar Plus, are particularly efficient. In Solar Pure mode, vehicles are only charged with self-generated solar power. In this mode, vehicles can only be charged with the power currently available. In Solar Plus mode, the charging power is adjusted to minimise the amount of power drawn from the grid.

For example, ENECTOR starts the charging process for a single-phase vehicle at a 1.4 kW solar power surplus and can increase this to 3.7 kW during charging. If three-phase charging is possible, then the wallbox starts at the 4.1 kW available and increases to a maximum of 11 kW. 

Charging with the ENECTOR wallbox is controlled perfectly thanks to communication with the smart PLENTICORE plus inverter and the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter. Charging is controlled intelligently and in real time at the touch of a button. The ENECTOR activation code unlocks the various convenience functions. The settings are configured via the KOSTAL Solar App or the Webserver in the KOSTAL Energy Meter. As an option, a push-button for switching between these functions can be added to the ENECTOR.

Simply safe

The ENECTOR ensures safe and controlled operation through and through thanks to its built-in DC residual current monitoring. At the same time, the integrated temperature monitoring provides protection against overheating. With the help of the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter, the house connection point is protected against overload during the charging process. 

Simply transparent

KOSTAL monitoring via the solar portal or solar app clearly shows all power and operating states of the wallbox linked to the electric vehicle, the PV system, the battery storage unit and the power grid. This ensures an optimum overview of the production, control, storage and use of renewable energy.

Simply good

By simply registering the ENECTOR wallbox, the KOSTAL Smart Warranty extends the warranty period to five years free of charge.

Tip: cost-effective charging with renewable energy

Anyone who drives an electric vehicle and charges it at home with renewable energy can apply for a grant to assist with the purchase of a wallbox. Get your KfW grant to purchase your wallbox today. 11 kW charging stations which supply your electric vehicle with electricity produced entirely from renewable sources and which feature intelligent energy management are subsidised in the form of a grant of €900 per charging point. This also applies to the costs of installing and connecting the device in a garage, carport or parking space. The KOSTAL wallbox is eligible for a KfW grant.

KOSTAL Wallbox ENECTOR is honoured with the haustec award

The KOSTAL ENECTOR AC 3.7/11 wallbox impressed haustec.de readers to win second place in the Energy category.

Haustec.de, the online trade magazine for building technology, has been selecting the best products through its reader surveys every year since 2017. This year there were 52 products to choose from and over 15,000 product users voted for their favourites. The KOSTAL Wallbox ENECTOR came second in the Energy category.  

Through their vote, users acknowledged the special features of the AC Wallbox ENECTOR, which sets new standards for sustainability in electric mobility with its advanced charging technology. Its dynamic shape is inspiring too, as proven by the fact that the product also won the German Design Award. The ENECTOR thus brings together excellence in design, engineering and software development.

KOSTAL's ENECTOR wallbox receives Green GOOD DESIGN Award

By bestowing their Green GOOD DESIGN Award, the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and the Chicago Athenaeum acknowledge the design and sustainability of KOSTAL's ENECTOR wallbox

"In our eyes, modern product design must be innovative and authentic at the same time. We pay particular attention to the flexibility of our products and how easy they are to use. The ENECTOR is an extremely robust but beautifully designed wallbox, made for indoor and outdoor use. We are therefore very pleased that the ENECTOR has received the Green GOOD DESIGN Award for precisely this reason," says Dennis Hollenbeck, Product Manager at KOSTAL.

Kevin Klöcker is an industrial designer at GENERATIONDESIGN and, as the main person responsible for the wallbox's design, says: "Design, functionality and sustainability are inextricably linked. Our goal is to make sustainable products like the ENECTOR wallbox attractive through their design, to stand out from the competition through their sustainability and functionality as well as their good design."

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