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KOSTAL Solar App

May we present: the KOSTAL Solar App. This video describes the various functions that allow PV system owners to keep an eye on their yield data at all times. Also use the new virtual battery and let us calculate a customised forecast of how much energy you could use yourself with a battery. 

Smart Warranty Activation

In this video we explain how to activate the free Smart Warranty for your KOSTAL products. With the free Smart Warranty, which can be activated within the first 6 months after initial commissioning, your investments are protected. Learn in this video how easy the activation is in only 3 steps.

KOSTAL Solar Portal Registration

In this video we show you how to set up a new user account in the KOSTAL Solar Portal.

KOSTAL Solar Portal: Login and plant overview

In this video about the KOSTAL Solar Portal you will learn details about the login and the system overview.

ENECTOR Wallbox - Basics of the menu setup and important notes

In this video, we explain how to activate and set up the ENECTOR Wallbox comfort functions and provide further important information on the setup.

ENECTOR Wallbox - Setting & using the charging modes of the ENECTOR Wallbox in the KSEM menu

In this video we explain the setting and usage options of the various ENECTOR Wallbox charging modes in the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter menu.

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