Photovoltaics: Repowering

More power thanks to photovoltaic repowering

Photovoltaic repowering is a way of counteracting yield lost as a result of old PV systems giving less power.

After repowering, my system delivers much more power thanks to the new inverter

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Photovoltaic repowering brings fresh energy to old systems

Many operators of existing systems are considering photovoltaic repowering to restore the high power output. But what actually is it?

PV-Anlage modernisieren mit Photovoltaik-Repowering

What is photovoltaic repowering?

Photovoltaic repowering is a way to modernise the photovoltaic system. This usually involves a performance-related replacement of the inverter, for example.

Due to technological advancement, modern inverters have a significantly higher efficiency than the existing device and optimise the yields of the existing system.

Replacing the old components with new, more powerful components has a positive effect on the efficiency of the entire PV system. This way, the system again provides more power, saves more in electricity costs and produces less CO2.

What are the options for repowering?

There are several options available for photovoltaic repowering. For example, system owners can have their PV systems retrofitted with an inverter that not only converts the electricity for the home network, but also for storage in a battery storage unit. Potential options are:

  • Replace your old inverter with a new, more modern inverter
  • Modernise the PV system with a hybrid inverter and storage unit
  • Modernise it with a new inverter with smart energy management
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