Yields up, running costs down
Functionality of a PV system
Shadow management for PV systems

Photovoltaics in homes

Generate clean electricity with the PV system on your own roof and save on electricity costs at the same time

Mit PV-Anlage im Eigenheim Energiekosten effektiv senken

PV systems for private households: KOSTAL products provide the perfect solution for every requirement

KOSTAL inverters help homeowners to reduce their energy costs quickly and effectively using their photovoltaic systems, meaning that private consumers can benefit from clean electricity and low electricity bills. Rising electricity prices? With the highly efficient inverters from the PIKO and PLENTICORE series, this is now a thing of the past  

Why buy conventional electricity for hard-earned money? With your own PV system, you can make optimum use of the electricity you generate yourself throughout the house thanks to KOSTAL products, be it to integrate them into a Smart Home or direct energy into a PV storage system. Unused electricity is simply fed into the public grid and is reimbursed.

Photovoltaics in the home: advantages and benefits

Stromkosten effektiv senken mit Photovoltaik im Eigenheim

Effectively reduce your electricity costs in the long term by using the energy yourself and by gaining income from feeding in power

Photovoltaik schützt vor steigenden Strompreisen

Safeguards against rising electricity prices

Klima schützen mit Photovoltaik im Eigenheim

Personal contribution to climate change and resource protection

KOSTAL Wechselrichter als Herzstück jeder PV-Anlage

KOSTAL inverters: the heart of every photovoltaic system

KOSTAL inverters  form the heart of almost every photovoltaic system. They convert the direct current generated by the PV modules into alternating current, which can then be used throughout the house. By using energy optimally, homeowners have to draw less electricity from the grid, meaning that high electricity bills are no longer an issue.

Thanks to intelligent technology, KOSTAL inverters also react to shade and ensure the best possible yields even in bad weather.

Functions of KOSTAL inverters in the home

PV-Module leiten Energie an PV-Wechselrichter im Eigenheim

PV modules absorb sunlight and generate direct current

PV-Wechselrichter wandelt Gleichstrom zu Wechselstrom um

The KOSTAL inverter converts the direct current fed-in into usable alternating current

Wechselstrom vom PV-Wechselrichter wird im Haushalts-Stromnetz verbraucht

The alternating current generated is used in the home or is fed into the public grid and remunerated

PV planning with KOSTAL

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Retrofitting a PV system - with repowering for more efficiency

Perfect solar and storage solutions for your PV system

Power generation through photovoltaics

Photovoltaic power generation has gained in popularity over the past ten years. In addition to the practically CO2-free power generation that it provides, the roof photovoltaic system offers an enormous step towards becoming less dependent on large energy companies.

Is photovoltaics even worthwhile for a single-family home?

Anyone who wants to reduce their electricity costs in the long term and become less dependent on large energy suppliers is well advised to install a photovoltaic system to generate electricity for their own home. The power of the PV system on the house can be adjusted according to the requirements and the size of the available roof area.

Power generation in the home: advantages for apartment buildings

PV systems for the home are now more popular than ever. More and more property owners are considering installing photovoltaics on multi-family houses. This is because it also raises the property's value.

Not only that, a photovoltaic system is profitable for multi-family houses because the electricity can be sold and many of the tenants can make use of the electricity that is produced.

Photovoltaics for power generation: function and structure

If you're looking for a clean and affordable way to generate electricity in your own home, photovoltaics will soon be on your radar. But how does a photovoltaic system - or PV system - work exactly?

That's how a PV system works

The solar irradiation hits the photovoltaic modules mounted on the roof. Several PV cells are interconnected in these modules. The cells generate electrical energy – called direct current (DC) – with the solar irradiation they have collected. To use the energy in the European power grid, however, it still needs to be converted into standard alternating current (AC).

This task is performed by an inverter, which is connected between the PV modules and the consumer devices. The electricity can then be used by the connected electrical appliances, such as refrigerators & and other white goods. Connected meters measure your self-consumption and the electricity fed into the public grid.

Inverters ensure optimum PV shadow management

If the PV modules are in the shade, it usually causes loss of yield. A photovoltaic system only generates electricity if solar radiation can reach the modules unhindered. From time to time, the PV system may be exposed to shade. There are different types of shade:

  • Shade due to contamination (more relevant for PV systems with a low inclination angle - at above 12°, the rain washes away most of the regular dust and dirt)
  • Shade caused by trees, mountains or buildings
  • Seasonal shade
  • Daytime shade

The solar modules are connected together on the roof to form a string. If a module in one of these strings is exposed to shade, conventional inverters aren't able to set the string's optimum operating point for this situation, which leads to a loss of yield.

KOSTAL inverters have an integrated and self-learning shadow management system that ensures optimum yields. Thanks to the sophisticated MPP tracking of KOSTAL inverters, up to 30 % more yield is achieved compared to standard MPP tracking.

PV planning with KOSTAL

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Retrofitting a PV system - with repowering for more efficiency

Perfect solar and storage solutions for your PV system