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The new PIKO CI 100 Project inverters from KOSTAL

The powerful high performer PIKO CI 100 is the specialist for large commercial installations and projects: Great convenience – great benefit – great added value

Project inverters: Good reasons to choose the PIKO CI 100

The PIKO CI 100 project inverter from KOSTAL paves the way for greater use of solar power on large surfaces or in large areas,

as it enables solar power to be produced more cheaply and sustainably. The PIKO CI 100 project inverter from KOSTAL is now set to find a new home on commercial roofs and in open spaces.

The PIKO CI 100 project inverter offers a maximum efficiency of over 98% and minimal conversion losses. Perfect performance starts with high-quality, cleverly designed components.

PIKO CI 100: Generate, consume and trade solar power

If your company requires a lot of energy every year, you should opt for a powerful project inverter such as the PIKO CI 100 from KOSTAL.

This is because, when used alone, the project inverter generates a power of 100 kW and makes low-cost solar power available.

As the core of a customised system solution from KOSTAL, the PIKO CI 100 project inverter becomes a high performer that reliably converts the energy from your own roof into usable solar power.

In projects where the focus is on energy trading, the PIKO CI 100 is an excellent investment as a project inverter that can be used both individually and interconnected with others.

Project inverter: Using solar power flexibly

With the PIKO CI 100 project inverter, you can optimally cover your own power requirements with solar power and at the same time put surplus solar power on the market.

And if you want the electricity to be available for your own use even when the sun is not shining, high energy reserves can also be stored for later use by using appropriately sized battery storage devices.

The PIKO CI works optimally with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter energy manager, the PLENTICORE BI battery inverter and a high-voltage storage system.

Larger battery storage can also be added at a later date.

PIKO CI 100: Functionality that sets standards

In a three-phase connection, the PIKO CI 100 shows its class and provides reliable solar energy yields. Thanks to a maximum system voltage of up to 1,100 V, the PIKO CI 100 offers sufficient reserves and flexibility for optimal string design.

This is because 50% of the PIKO CI 100 can be changed from DC to AC and is ready today for the latest module generations with a current of up to 20 A.

Thanks to the factory-fitted and standardised interfaces, it is compatible with external control technology, known as power generation system (PGS) controllers.

PIKO CI 100: Functionality that sets standards

The PIKO CI 100 collects parameters relating to the operating events of the system using its integrated data logger, which forms the basis for optimal system management.

The PIKO CI 100 can be installed on its own or can be interconnected thanks to quick assembly, set-up with country-specific pre-configuration and commissioning using the convenient PIKO CI App.

Two LAN connections ensure simple networking of the PIKO CI project inverter when interconnected, providing communication in the network for system control and monitoring. The RS-485 interface is the perfect complement for use with external park controllers.

PIKO CI 100: The powerful, convenient one

The PIKO CI 100 project inverter is a well-designed device that reduces the overall costs of the PV system. It allows the PV modules to be connected directly to the DC inputs without separate string collection boxes. This makes the system easier to operate and saves on system costs.

The three DC voltage separators installed internally ensure reliable disconnection from the module voltage when disconnection from DC is necessary. As standard, the project inverter has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless communication via mobile phone and tablet.

The PIKO CI 100 project inverter is compatible with many PGS/park controllers, meaning that there is great flexibility for directly marketing and controlling active, reactive and apparent power as part of feed-in management and energy management.

PIKO CI 100: Efficiency and performance

The PIKO CI 100 can also be quickly de-energised as required using connected external grid and system protection. Depending on the system constellation, this can save on the additional costs associated with an external circuit breaker. If the worst comes to the worst, the integrated and replaceable type 2 overvoltage protection is triggered.

The integrated arc detection with automatic event messages protects against faults and damage caused by faulty connections in the DC string. The IP66-certified housing with its robust design protects the project inverter, enabling permanent reliable operation – both indoors and outdoors.

The active cooling ensures a long service life in adverse conditions.

SUMMARY: The PIKO CI 100 is the new large inverter from KOSTAL. The project inverter is specially designed for large areas and a maximum yield – an outstanding new product in the range and a perfect addition to the KOSTAL solar inverters.

The PIKO CI 100 and all components from KOSTAL are quality products. KOSTAL offers a free five-year warranty for registered users beyond the statutory warranty. This can be extended by an additional five years for a charge, meaning a potential total warranty period of ten years.

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