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Customer service and support from KOSTAL: good advice all round

Anyone purchasing a solar system expects good quality and performance. Together with your installer, KOSTAL customer service will make sure that you're happy.

KOSTAL service – guaranteed. Tailor-made. Satisfying

KOSTAL offers efficient training programmes and comprehensive support to our specialist tradespeople, and you benefit from that! Each of our KOSTAL inverters is a quality product manufactured within the KOSTAL Group and is subject to the same quality standards as, for example, our products for the automotive industry. But it's not only our products that are top quality, but our service too, where our focus is always on ensuring that you, the customer, is satisfied.
If you operate your own system, we recommend contacting your specialist installer as a first point of call if you have any questions. If you're looking for a new installer, please use our installer search.

KOSTAL Smart Warranty: register your inverter and receive an additional 3-year warranty free of charge

With the KOSTAL Smart Warranty, you get a three-year manufacturer's warranty and can also extend the warranty even further!

Benefit from the Smart Warranty: By registering on the KOSTAL Solar webshop, your warranty will be extended to five years free of charge. We are gifting you a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. This applies to all devices of the PLENTICORE plus, PIKO MP plus, PIKO IQ, PIKO 12-20 and PIKO 36 EPC series.

Five steps to the KOSTAL Smart Warranty: it's so simple

Step 1: Log in to your user account
Step 2: Select KOSTAL Smart Warranty
Step 3: Enter commissioning date, serial number, system and
location data
Step 4: Confirm registration data
Step 5: Warranty certificate received immediately by e-mail

Your statutory warranty isn't affected by our product warranty. Our services covered by the warranty include a rapid exchange service to ensure that your PV system is back up and running in no time. We will organise the collection of your defective device and we will also cover the freight costs incurred for this.

KOSTAL Solar Repower Check

Want more power for the PV system? If you're going to replace your old inverter with a new one, the KOSTAL Solar Repower Check provides you with the right device quickly and easily. Simply enter your current inverter's data into our Repower Check Tool and obtain suggestions of models for your next device.

Extension of warranty

It's possible to extend the inverter’s warranty by 5, 10 or 15 years within the first two years of purchase. You can now order this warranty extension conveniently and easily via our KOSTAL Solar web shop.

This offers you several advantages:

  • Simple and fast process because you don't have to apply
  • for the warranty extension
    Can be ordered 24/7

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