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KOSTAL PLENTICORE – the third generation

PLENTICORE means always having the right device to hand and exactly the amount of power you need.

As a solar inverter, the PLENTICORE very efficiently converts PV power and reliably makes it available to all consumers. As a hybrid and battery inverter, the PLENTICORE can also temporarily store self-generated PV power in a connected battery. And if the line current fails, the PV system doesn’t stop because, thanks to its backup power capability, the PLENTICORE can continue to supply the household in all three phases.

A unique feature of the PLENTICORE is its innovative scalability, which allows the output of the inverter to be increased by two power levels per size. This significantly simplifies the processes involved in planning and installing a PV system, from retailer and installer to the end customer.

KOSTAL PLENTICORE: high performance for PV systems

The third-generation PLENTICORE offers both innovation and proven performance. The KOSTAL inverter converts solar power into usable household electricity.

The PLENTICORE can be used as a solar, hybrid or battery inverter. In addition, the PLENTICORE is set up for growing energy demands because the inverter’s output can be increased, even at a later date.

The KOSTAL PLENTICORE offers a power range from 4 to 20 kW. The PLENTICORE S and M power classes have a maximum MPP current of 17 A, and the PLENTICORE L even has a maximum current of 30 A. This means that the PLENTICORE is even compatible with the latest generation of large solar modules and provides connected battery storage units with high charge/discharge power.

The third-generation PLENTICORE is therefore a universal multitasking solution for private users and small businesses. With its wide MPP range, the KOSTAL inverter is always the best choice for new systems as well as retrofits.

KOSTAL PLENTICORE: always growing and excelling

The PLENTICORE is available in the S (4 to 7 kW), M (8.5 to 12.5 kW) and L (15 to 20 kW) power classes and can be extended by two power levels in each class.

This means that the PLENTICORE can always adapt to the current power requirements, whether during initial installation or afterwards.

If more power is needed and the solar system is to be extended, there is therefore no need to replace the unit or purchase a new one – making this a smart, sustainable and convenient solution.

The PLENTICORE therefore grows with the user's requirements, for example to charge a connected battery or electric vehicle with surplus energy or to operate a heat pump.

PLENTICORE: excellent for running storage units

The PLENTICORE can be used as a hybrid or battery inverter for new systems or for retrofitting existing systems. For this purpose, the third DC input is used to connect a high-voltage battery.

A wide range of battery manufacturers are compatible with the PLENTICORE. Many battery storage systems are modular and offer different options and advantages.

As a result of the battery storage’s DC coupling together with modern high-voltage technology, any conversion losses experienced with the PLENTICORE are very low.

KOSTAL has continually demonstrated the excellent performance of its systems since 2018 by participating in the HTW Berlin storage test.

PLENTICORE: now with backup power function

The third generation of the PLENTICORE also has a backup power function. In combination with the KOSTAL BackUp Switch and connected battery storage, the supply is ensured in the event of a power failure, independently of the grid.

Here's how it works: the KOSTAL BackUp Switch is installed as a manual switch on the top-hat rail in the sub-distribution at the grid connection point. Since installation requires little effort, assembly and handling are incredibly easy.

In the event of a power failure, the KOSTAL BackUp Switch is manually switched to backup power. Now the electricity is generated from the customer's own solar system and from the connected battery storage.

Easy to add to and easy to handle thanks to the PLENTICORE's backup power function and the manually operated backup switch.

PLENTICORE: greater safety and more satisfaction in the long term

The PLENTICORE is fully equipped for all modern demands placed on a solar system. This also applies to all safety features of our German-made inverter. The integrable DC overvoltage protection (type 2) in the PLENTICORE also ensures that this is the case. As an option, it can simply be inserted into the PLENTICORE as a plug-in module.

To protect against induced overvoltages that may enter from the solar module side, the DC overvoltage protection provides the necessary level of safety.

In the event of a lightning strike, for example, the DC overvoltage protection trips. The PLENTICORE automatically reports the error in the KOSTAL Solar Portal. The DC overvoltage protection can then be replaced and retrofitted at any time.

PLENTICORE: sector coupling with KOSTAL

The PLENTICORE is the modern inverter for exploiting the full potential of current and future solar systems. The solar power generated can be used to operate and intelligently control high-powered consumers such as wallboxes, air conditioners, heat pumps or heating elements.

The PLENTICORE is ideally prepared for this: for optimum communication, the PLENTICORE is equipped with 2 LAN ports and 4 digital switched outputs in the factory. This allows consumers in the solar system to be easily connected and intelligently controlled.

As standard, the PLENTICORE also has an integrated WLAN interface without visible antennas for easy commissioning and device configuration as well as rapid data exchange for monitoring.

Other digital interfaces such as Modbus TCP and SG Ready make sector coupling of additional consumers possible.

PLENTICORE: keeping track no matter where you are

Monitoring is also available free of charge for the third-generation PLENTICORE via the KOSTAL Solar Portal and the KOSTAL Solar App.

KOSTAL's monitoring function displays all energy flows clearly and simply. This allows the user to check generation and consumption quickly and read off self-consumption and self-sufficiency rates at speed.

Peace of mind. Free of charge. Around the clock: this gives you full control and at-a-glance monitoring of your own solar system.

PLENTICORE: with intelligent shadow management

If the sun's rays are not hitting all PV modules with the same intensity and if objects are shading individual panels, the integrated shadow management steps in.

In this way, shadow management prevents dips in power from the PV system and gets the best possible solar yields through smart MPP tracking.

The inverter finds the optimum operating point of the module string and thereby ensures the best yields. Shadow management is already integrated in PLENTICORE; it is intelligent and learns itself.

PLENTICORE: installation and commissioning made simple

With its compact design and small dimensions (H 57 cm / D 24 cm / W 41 cm), the PLENTICORE creates flexibility even in tight spaces.

When it comes to installation and commissioning, you can choose between the PLENTICORE device display and a smartphone. The guided setup wizard takes you through device configuration one step at a time.

With the PLENTICORE, the PV components are connected safely and quickly in the separate terminal compartment via the part of the power electronics with housing protection.

The PLENTICORE also has push-in terminals to save time when wiring. And with the AutoUpdate function, the PLENTICORE always has the very latest software for the best performance and functionality. 

PLENTICORE: be able to do everything, in every function

Now in its third generation, the PLENTICORE is an all-rounder in every function. It can be used as a solar, hybrid and battery inverter. In addition, the basic output of the PLENTICORE can be extended by two levels at any time. In the third generation, the PLENTICORE now has a backup power function in combination with the KOSTAL BackUp Switch. The PLENTICORE is ideally equipped for all the demands placed on a modern solar system as well as the connection and control of other consumers such as a wallbox, air conditioning system, heat pump or heating element.

The full range of equipment is backed by the KOSTAL warranty: 5 years when Smart Warranty is activated in the KOSTAL Solar online shop and another 5 years for material when the solar system is registered in the KOSTAL Solar Portal.