The all-round talent for solar systems: PLENTICORE plus

Whether as a solar or hybrid inverter, for small or large solar systems, the PLENTICORE plus is the all-rounder among KOSTAL inverters

PLENTICORE plus as a solar inverter: suitable for any PV system

The PLENTICORE plus has 3 MPP trackers and with its 3 phases and power ratings from 3.0 to 10 kW can be used flexibly depending on requirements.

KOSTAL TIP: Leave the option open for retrofitting a battery later by not using the third DC port of the PLENTICORE plus. The PLENTICORE plus makes retrofitting possible without any problems as the third port can be used as a battery connection. The activation code required for this can be easily purchased in the KOSTAL Solar webshop.

PLENTICORE plus. The original just got even better

The PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter remains true to itself as an all-rounder: it is reliable, smart and easy to use.

Now in its second generation, the PLENTICORE plus is super smart: with integrated WLAN, KOSTAL’s original inverter now simplifies initial commissioning and monitoring. Two LAN interfaces allow several inverters to be networked in series as a "daisy chain".

The new second generation of the PLENTICORE plus now has four digital outputs – for more functions and a wider range of applications, e.g. for activating additional sources of consumption such as a heat pump, air conditioner or charging stations.

KOSTAL AutoUpdate: simple, safe and convenient

Thanks to its AutoUpdate function, your PLENTICORE inverter is always at the cutting edge of technology.

Once activated and set up, the inverters install each new software update fully automatically – so every functional enhancement, error rectification, compatibility and performance optimisation is always up to date.

All KOSTAL PLENTICORE inverters are supplied in the basic “manual software update” setting. If you want automatic updates, you must actively select this function on the inverter. Click here to discover how this works.

Watch the video tutorial.

Combining an inverter and heat pump

Heat pumps are ideal consumers because they allow load shifting. This means that the consumption of available energy can be precisely timed. This is a great advantage, especially when providing hot water. If the PV system also has excess energy, this can be used for a switch-on recommendation or to raise the setpoint temperature. In addition to water heating, the building can also be heated with the greatest possible proportion of solar power, particularly during the transitional periods in spring and autumn. In combination with the KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus G2 inverter, this is an optimal choice on the road to self-sufficiency.

Smart optimisation

Almost any photovoltaic system can be equipped with a KOSTAL solar inverter, made possible by the great flexibility of the PLENTICORE plus. There's no need to consider other components when system planning because the PLENTICORE plus already has everything you need.

Wide range of voltages and currents for flexible string design

Self-learning shadow management

Convenient layout thanks to KOSTAL Solar Plan

An excellent portfolio

The EUPD award reflects KOSTAL Solar Electric's history and range of services. At its core is a lean portfolio of highly flexible devices, notably single-phase and three-phase inverters. 

Depending on requirements, they demonstrate their benefits on a daily basis as solar, battery or hybrid inverters, from the lowest power class for private terraced houses or garage roofs to the largest project and commercial inverters for companies. 

What’s more, KOSTAL inverters have been in use throughout Europe for years – and always adapted to comply with the necessary directives. 

Easy repowering with the PLENTICORE plus

Thanks to the extended MPP range, the PLENTICORE plus is the perfect inverter for repowering. Since new inverters are achieving ever greater efficiency levels compared to their predecessors, it makes sense to replace them with a new device to achieve significantly higher yields.

With the KOSTAL Solar Repower Check, it's easy to replace the old inverter with a new one and achieve higher yields. All you have to do is enter the previous inverter's manufacturer, number and type in the KOSTAL Solar Repower Check, which will then suggest a suitable KOSTAL replacement device.

Generating photovoltaic energy intelligently

The PLENTICORE plus as a solar inverter has three PV inputs, which means that it is ideally suited for flexible system planning, demanding shade scenarios and diverse solar module set-ups on roofs.

As the heart of your PV system, the inverter converts the solar power produced into usable household electricity – for immediate self-consumption or to feed into the public grid.

Thanks to the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter, home consumption is measured 24 hours a day. This allows the inverter to monitor the home consumption and optimally control the energy fed into the public grid.


Smart interaction

The numerous interfaces in the PLENTICORE plus make this solar inverter from KOSTAL a real talent at communicating. The PLENTICORE plus can also be used without any problems in the Smart Home sector.

Modbus/Sunspec (TCP) for Smart Home integration

Free Solar Portal and Solar App for monitoring the PV system

Start up and configure your system and view yield data in graphic form via the integrated display

Standard integrated communication package with data logger, system monitoring and Webserver

Optional scope for connecting an external energy meter, for 24 h monitoring of home consumption

360° communication: Display, network and control interfaces: Smart Communication Board as a platform for current and future communication standards

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