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KOSTAL inverters: excellent for any size of system

Be it a solar, hybrid or battery inverter, KOSTAL inverters are the perfect application solution for every requirement and for every size of system. Distinguished on numerous occasions for its efficiency.

Many possibilities:              KOSTAL inverters

KOSTAL inverters can be used flexibly and are suitable for any PV system. Photovoltaic systems that are individually tailored to the requirements at hand. Distinguished on numerous occasions for their efficiency, all the inverters have the quality you expect from KOSTAL, irrespective of solar, hybrid or battery inverter. For PV systems that bring everything you need for efficient power generation. Individual power ratings: the perfect application solution for private homes and businesses.

KOSTAL inverters


Hybrid inverter

Use solar power directly or store it for later


Solar inverter

Simply generate solar power and use it smartly


Battery inverter

Retrofit battery storage easily and quickly



Smart tracking of power consumption in the home


Monitoring software

Smart management of power generation and consumption


Advanced charging technology from KOSTAL

Commercial inverters

PIKO CI 30 - for small businesses

The PIKO CI inverter for small businesses offers strong power in an intelligent way: cost-optimised – secure – reliable

PIKO CI 50/60 – the big one for business

Flexible system design with up to 4 MPPT, rated power up to 60 kW, integrated shadow management and coupling switch

PIKO CI 100 - The project inverter

The powerful high-performer PIKO CI 100 is the specialist for large commercial installations and projects

KOSTAL inverters: Smart connected. In every area

Almost all KOSTAL inverters are equipped with several MPP trackers for the best possible and smartest energy production, regardless of roof direction. They are also equipped with intelligent technology. For optimum performance throughout the house. Can also be integrated into the Smart Home.

More power and yield with KOSTAL inverters

Intelligent shadow management for ideal PV generation, even in cloudy conditions, and optimal roof utilisation with up to 3 MPP trackers. With KOSTAL inverters, you can make the best possible use of your PV system's potential, regardless of the roof direction. For the most efficient use of energy.

But let's start at the beginning: What does MPP even mean?
Every photovoltaic system has what's called a Maximum Power Point (MPP). This is the point at which a solar module achieves its highest or maximum output. The task of MPP tracking is to set this maximum performance point reliably and accurately at all times, according to the conditions.

The three-phase PV inverters from KOSTAL not only constantly keep the solar modules at the maximum power point (MPP), but also have an intelligent shadow management system. This means that, despite there being some potential shade from a chimney or tree for example, the KOSTAL PV inverter adjusts the relevant module string to its optimum performance and ensures an ideal yield.

Click here for the shadow management video

Why complicate things unnecessarily?
KOSTAL inverters have everything that a PV system needs for efficient power generation. Thanks to KOSTAL shadow management, most applications don't require complicated "module optimisation" installations under every module. Advantage for the customer: Near perfect energy production and low installation costs. Any potential maintenance and repair costs are also low as no electronic components are installed in the hot roof area below the module. Our goal is to make PV power generation simple and efficient. Just smart.

Easy access to inverter consumption data in the portal
Our inverters are equipped with an interface to the solar portal as standard. This means that the photovoltaic system's latest consumption and performance data can be viewed there at any time. To monitor the system's yield in the best possible way. Alongside system data.

Retrofitting a PV storage unit? Easy!
Our hybrid inverters offer the option of connecting a PV storage unit later when the time is right for you. Still not sure whether you will always use the energy immediately or want to store it? A hybrid inverter like the PLENTICORE plus can also be used without battery storage, which can be easily retrofitted later on, when the need arises. You only have to pay for this if the 'Storage use“ option is enabled for the inverter.


Still not decided whether you need a PV storage system or not? Play it safe. With the PLENTICORE plus and PIKO MP plus, you only pay for the battery function when you need it. You can easily retrofit a PV storage unit at any time using an activation code.

Intelligent use of solar power thanks to PV inverters from KOSTAL

As well as efficiently generating photovoltaic energy, KOSTAL inverters can also ensure that the electricity generated can be used intelligently in the home. Thanks to innovative technologies, the home can be developed into a Smart Home, for example.

KOSTAL's three-phase PV inverters provide various communication interfaces for this purpose, including EEBus, SunSpec or ModBus. With these, the electricity consumers in the house, for example a heat pump, can be supplied with solar energy when it's available. This process doesn't need to be controlled manually because the inverter and the consumer communicate automatically.

Why does it matter? Integrating them into a Smart Home can increase the amount of solar power that's consumed within the home. As a result, less electricity has to be purchased from the external electricity supplier, meaning that electricity costs can be reduced.

Heat pumps, air conditioners and heating elements can also be supplied with the self-generated solar power by connecting to a relay output integrated in the PV inverter. This further optimises the self-consumption of the energy.

In order to consume even more electricity yourself, a storage unit can be added to the PV system. This allows the solar power to be buffered during the day and consumed in the evening after sunset. Energy can be stored in various ways with KOSTAL hybrid inverters. Choosing a hybrid inverter is particularly worthwhile when building a new solar system or replacing an existing PV inverter.

In existing PV systems, the storage option can be easily retrofitted thanks to the KOSTAL battery inverter. In addition to the permanently installed battery, solar power can also be stored with a mobile storage unit, i.e. an electric vehicle, or in a cloud solution.

PV inverters from KOSTAL: generate energy sustainably and use it smartly

Why are KOSTAL inverters the optimum solution for every PV system? Because they provide everything that an efficient photovoltaic system needs for optimal energy production. As much as necessary, as little as possible: why make it complicated when efficiency can be so simple? KOSTAL inverters stand for the most efficient use of energy and most efficient production. Intelligent shadow management, up to 3 MPP trackers for best possible yields, standard and free interfaces to the Solar Portal: KOSTAL inverters include everything of importance. No error-prone and costly optimisers, no unnecessary components. Simple. Smart

Every photovoltaic system requires an inverter

This is the only way that electricity generated by the sun can be fed into the public grid or consumed by electrical appliances in the house itself.

But why is that? A PV system's solar modules generate direct current. However, the public power grid, as well as almost all common electronic appliances in the home, are designed for alternating current. Therefore, the PV inverter's job is to convert the direct current from the solar modules into alternating current. This conversion is necessary to make solar power usable or "compatible". Therefore, as an essential component in every PV system, the inverter is often called the heart of the solar system.

Other PV inverter functions

But the inverter not only acts as a current transformer. The innovative PV inverters from KOSTAL offer even more possibilities. They include:

  • Optimum energy yield from the PV system
  • A wide range of monitoring functions for your electricity consumption and production
  • Various grid services to stabilise the electricity supply grid

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