KOSTAL solar calculator - How to get the most out of your solar system

How much potential is there in my photovoltaic system?

With the KOSTAL solar calculator, you can obtain important information about how to make optimum use of the energy output of your solar system in just a few clicks. Easily calculate how much solar power you can use for your household.

The solar calculator tells you how high the share of solar power for your household can be. Find out what degree of self-sufficiency you can achieve with your photovoltaic system.

Solar calculator: What is the self-consumption rate of my photovoltaic system?

The self-consumption rate is the share of electricity you use yourself from the total electricity produced. Use the solar calculator to determine how much self-generated electricity you consume directly in your household. The solar calculator also calculates the proportion of intermediate storage in a connected battery storage system. Solar power that you do not consume yourself is fed into the public grid. This share can also be calculated as a percentage with the KOSTAL solar calculator.

Solar calculator: What degree of self-sufficiency do I achieve with my photovoltaic system?

The degree of self-sufficiency is the share of electricity you use yourself from the total electricity consumption. The solar calculator tells you what proportion of your electricity consumption is accounted for by your household. This takes into account the amount of electricity you consume directly and how much energy is covered by the battery storage system. If your photovoltaic system delivers less electricity than you need, the KOSTAL solar calculator calculates the amount of energy that you must draw from the public grid above and beyond this.

KOSTAL solar calculator: This is how it works

You can easily specify the power consumption using the sliders. To do this, enter the following information in the solar calculator:

  • Your annual household electricity consumption (specified in kWh)
  • The output of your photovoltaic system (specified in kWp)
  • The usable capacity of your battery storage system (specified in kWh)
  • the use of an electric car (commuter vehicle) (in km)

When specifying the output of your photovoltaic system, simply refer to its nominal output. You need about 5 square metres of roof space to achieve a nominal output of 1 kilowatt. In the case of the usable capacity of your battery storage system, enter the amount of solar power that can actually be absorbed and delivered by the storage system.

Are there any costs involved in using the KOSTAL solar calculator?

The KOSTAL solar calculator is available to you free of charge. You will receive a non-binding offer and initial information about the performance of various solar systems. This will tell you which system is best for you. We will be happy to put you in touch with a certified KOSTAL partner installer who will support you in the planning and installation of your photovoltaic system.

What results does the KOSTAL solar calculator provide?

The self-consumption rate and degree of self-sufficiency provide you with information about how much money you can save by using electricity from your own photovoltaic system. You will also find out to what degree you can become independent of the grid operator. You can use the results to decide on the right solar system and the appropriate KOSTAL inverter for your photovoltaic system. 
The KOSTAL solar calculator, also known as a self-consumption calculator or independence calculator, was developed by HTW Berlin. Through simulation calculations, you can find out how to make the most of your solar system. Deviations from calculated values are possible in practice.