Efficiency winner: PLENTICORE BI

PLENTICORE BI from KOSTAL:  the easy route to your own storage solution

The PLENTICORE BI is the perfect addition for connecting a storage unit when building a new photovoltaic system or retrofitting an existing one.

KOSTAL PLENTICORE BI: the most efficient battery inverter that always fits

More and more owners of photovoltaic systems are thinking about retrofitting their system with a storage unit.

The PLENTICORE BI battery inverter makes this very easy. This inverter, in combination with a high-voltage battery and the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter, is simply connected to the AC grid parallel to the existing system. It's not necessary to replace or substitute existing components.

The PLENTICORE BI also offers a simple option for connecting a storage system to new systems, especially for larger PV generators or special system configurations. 

Benefits for you

Save on electricity costs

Low acquisition costs

Protect the environment

The most efficient three-phase battery inverter

The PLENTICORE BI is the most efficient three-phase AC storage system on the market. This was confirmed at the 2020 Energy Storage Inspection by HTW Berlin.

This study determines the System Performance Index (SPI) of different systems. This is an economic value that makes it possible to compare the interaction of the available components (inverter/battery / PV modules) in the overall system, creating more transparency for the customer.

Save on electricity costs

By integrating a storage unit into an existing PV system, electricity costs can be cut effectively: less energy has to be purchased from the electricity provider because more of the electricity generated goes towards self-consumption.
It's important to invest in an efficient system to keep energy losses, such as conversion losses, as low as possible.

Environmental protection with the PLENTICORE BI

With a photovoltaic system, you can generate sustainable and renewable energy on your own roof. With a PV storage system, the energy generated can be consumed at any time of the day.

How efficiently a storage system contributes to reducing CO2 emissions depends largely on the components selected. The low conversion and stand-by losses achieved by highly efficient storage systems lead to a positive CO2 balance, and, as the HTW Berlin found out in its storage inspection, the PLENTICORE BI came out in pole position among all the systems tested.

Simply retrofit a storage unit with the PLENTICORE BI battery inverter

Adding storage to an existing system is easy

No changes need to be made to the existing installation. Only the PLENTICORE BI, the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter and a compatible high-voltage battery, such as the BYD battery box, are required. Due to its compact design, the device saves space and fits into almost any room.

The storage can be upgraded whatever the weather. The ideal time to do it is in winter or spring, so that you're perfectly prepared for the summer season.

Use energy efficiently, thanks to battery charging from various sources

The PLENTICORE BI can do even more: As well as storing the energy generated by photovoltaic systems, the battery inverter can also store energy from other AC energy sources, such as a CHP or wind turbine.

This means that any surplus energy in the house can flow into the battery so that it can be used efficiently at a later date.

Product advantages

Battery inverters for connecting a compatible battery

Can be used for a variety of applications, from single-family houses to business buildings

Ideally suited for retrofitting existing PV systems

Battery charging from various AC energy sources

Always up-to-date thanks to AutoUpdate

With the AutoUpdate function, your PLENTICORE BI is always up to date. New software versions are installed automatically. This feature can be downloaded free of charge and installed on the PLENTICORE BI.

To do this, you only need to update your inverter to the latest software version once. You can find the individual steps for this in our instructions or simply watch the short video.

Find the right update here.

Suitable for every installation, home or business

By connecting battery storage units in sizes from 5.1 to 66 kWh, there's a suitable storage solution for every requirement. The PLENTICORE BI can be used both in the home and for business purposes.

A particular advantage of the PLENTICORE BI is the inverter's high charging and discharging current. It reacts quickly to peak loads, thereby reducing electricity procurement costs.


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