Nilar Batterie Plenticore
KOSTAL and Nilar

KOSTAL gains another partner for battery storage solutions with Nilar

Thanks to the combination of the hybrid inverter from KOSTAL and the nickel-metal hydride storage system from Nilar, PV system operators can now count on a safe, long-lasting and sustainable PV storage concept for their own homes.

Nilar Battery Plenticore

With the Swedish battery manufacturer Nilar, KOSTAL Solar Electric is adding another compatible partner for storage solutions to its own portfolio. The companies are now offering a unique storage concept consisting of the PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter from KOSTAL and the Nilar battery storage system based on nickel-metal hydride technology.

Together, the high-quality components from KOSTAL and Nilar form a particularly safe and durable storage solution that can also be seamlessly integrated into existing photovoltaic systems. The companies are focusing in particular on private photovoltaic systems. The solution is currently being marketed in the Benelux and Scandinavia. The development of further markets as well as the expansion of the service infrastructures of the new battery partner are in the planning stage.

About KOSTAL and Nilar

Frank Henn, Managing Director of KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbH, explains: "We now offer our customers even more independence, choice and flexibility thanks to another reliable and secure storage concept. With Nilar, we have now gained another compatible partner for battery storage systems, enabling us to continuously expand our portfolio for the benefit of our customers."

Jan Lundquist, Head of Sales and Marketing at Nilar, adds: "With our sustainable and technologically advanced storage systems, we want to actively shape the energy transition. By working with KOSTAL, we are able to meet the ever-changing demands of the solar industry. KOSTAL's strong focus on customer value and innovative product approach are a great fit with Nilar's values."

The multiple award-winning PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter from KOSTAL impresses customers with an efficiency of over 98 percent and also offers maximum flexibility in terms of energy generation, storage and supply. Among other things, the smart inverter regulates the charging and discharging processes of the battery storage unit, ensures optimised energy management in the house and can also be subsequently combined with other components such as a wallbox, a heat pump or a combined heat and power unit – all without incurring additional costs for retrofitting.

PLENTICORE plus with Nilar

The long-life nickel-metal hydride battery from Nilar is an interesting alternative to lithium-ion storage. The patented bipolar battery contains a non-flammable water-based electrolyte and functions perfectly even at extreme operating temperatures (-20 °C to + 50 °C).

The combination of the KOSTAL hybrid inverter and the Nilar battery offers an interesting storage concept for all those who want to supply their own home with sustainable solar power around the clock.

The collaboration between KOSTAL and Nilar for photovoltaic systems with electricity storage has many advantages. The battery stores the surplus electricity produced by the photovoltaic system, making it available for use later on. In this way, the customer is supplied with solar energy around the clock. All in all, this increases the self-consumption of the clean electricity generated by the operator and thus makes a positive contribution to environmental protection and the conservation of fossil resources. At the same time, consumers in countries like Germany can reduce their electricity costs in the long term, as the cost of electricity from the roof is around 60 percent lower than the cost of electricity from the socket.

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