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PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter wins two awards: from both users and system planners

KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus receives the Solar Prosumer Award and Energiewende Award as a pioneer of sustainable technology

Users and system planners are in agreement: the KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus is ideally equipped for current and future requirements. The KOSTAL hybrid inverter stands out because it is easy to install and can be expanded at any time. This has now also been confirmed by the independent research institute EUPD, which has bestowed two awards on the PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter at the same time.

The PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter is in great demand among users and system planners, partly because it grows with their requirements: fully equipped with LAN, WLAN and four digital outputs, the PLENTICORE plus plays a central role in every PV system. Finally, the battery storage system, heat pump, wallbox, and many other consumers can also be fed and controlled via the inverter. 

PLENTICORE plus receives the Energiewende Award

The PLENTICORE plus has received the Energiewende Award for its outstanding results – recognised by installers and end customers.

It was evaluated by over 6,0000 customers and more than 1,000 installers in the EUPD survey.

The PLENTICORE plus has thus demonstrated its ability as a driving force behind the energy transition.

The key to the PLENTICORE's great sustainability is its high degree of flexibility and expandability. For example, it delivers sector coupling of PV power with other consumers, such as thermal energy, electromobility and battery storage.

The PLENTICORE plus also excels thanks to numerous features: high compatibility, self-learning shadow management, device display, auto-update, battery sleep mode – system operators and installers alike are sure to be impressed by all this and much more. The ease of installation, handling and free monitoring via the KOSTAL Solar Portal and Solar App also delight all users.

PLENTICORE plus receives the Solar Prosumer Award

Right from product launch, the PLENTICORE plus has impressed with its versatility: it can be used as a hybrid inverter and has a battery function that is easy to activate. In addition, the PLENTICORE plus is ideally equipped with central communication interfaces and device connections ex factory.

Other consumers, such as electric vehicles, storage units, heat pumps and other components, can also be operated with the PLENTICORE plus at any time. The high product quality and the free extended warranty round off the complete package.

In the EUPD Prosumer Awards, system operators and installers are unanimous and would clearly recommend the PLENTICORE plus to others.

"We are delighted to have received the Solar Prosumer Award and that users and installers would clearly recommend the product to others", says Andreas Schmalenberg, Product Manager at KOSTAL. "We are proud of how well received and recognised our performance is."

Customers and installers alike stand to benefit from the Energy Transition Award and Solar Prosumer Award won by the PLENTICORE plus: both certificates create reliable transparency and are indicators of the high reliability and quality of KOSTAL inverters for the generation, control and sustainable utilisation of solar energy.