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PLENTICORE plus from KOSTAL now also compatible with power optimisers from BRC Solar

Two German companies combine their strengths for greater flexibility and higher solar yields. As a result, KOSTAL has added another partner, making the PLENTICORE plus even more efficient.

KOSTAL Solar Electric offers maximum flexibility with its lean product portfolio. Further proof of this is provided by the fact that the hybrid PLENTICORE plus inverter is compatible with the Power Optimizer M500/14 from BRC Solar, a German manufacturer of power optimisers.

The PLENTICORE plus and Power Optimizer understand each other

In the past, roofs with shading, different orientations or roof pitches posed a challenge to effectively installing solar modules. In photovoltaic systems, connecting modules in series is problematic because, when one solar module is producing less power because it is receiving less solar irradiation, this also impacts on the total power of all other modules in the chain.

KOSTAL has integrated efficient shadow management into its inverters, which prevents this problem by activating the bypass diodes when it is more efficient to bypass one module in the string, allowing the other modules to maintain their performance unimpeded.

The interaction between KOSTAL's shadow management and BRC Solar's M500/14 Power Optimiser means that the available power of the impaired module continues to be used while the remaining modules in the string deliver maximum power.

The problem posed by different roof orientations or different module inclinations can also be resolved with the innovative solutions from KOSTAL and BRC Solar. With its three MPP trackers, the PLENTICORE plus from KOSTAL offers a flexible string layout. This means that even complex housing roofs can be equipped with a photovoltaic system. If the usable roof area is smaller and the minimum voltage of the string is not sufficient, these PV modules can be integrated into an existing string thanks to the BRC optimisers. This means that even more complex roof surfaces can be optimally and efficiently utilised and additional PV modules can even be installed on dormers or smaller roof surfaces, for example.

Pascal Ruisinger, Commercial Managing Director of BRC Solar, said, "This confirmation of compatibility with KOSTAL inverters is a significant milestone for us. We firmly believe that our collaboration with KOSTAL will help us to realise our vision of equipping all roofs with an optimised PV system."

 "We are delighted with the successful collaboration with BRC Solar. The combination of our inverters with the powerful Power Optimizer M500/14 offers our customers a more efficient and powerful solution for their photovoltaic systems – even on problematic roofs", confirms Product Manager Dennis Hollenbeck from KOSTAL.


Maximum convenience with auto update and 10-year warranty

When commissioning the PLENTICORE plus, activating the auto update function once enables the inverter software to be updated automatically, without any intervention by the installer. This ensures maximum safety and saves a lot of time for the end user and the installer.

And by activating the Smart Warranty and Smart Warranty plus, KOSTAL customers receive a warranty period of up to 10 years. In addition, the warranty of the PLENTICORE plus and the Power Optimiser is retained in full even in combined use.