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The new PIKO CI 100 commercial inverter

Big leap in performance: With the PIKO CI 100, KOSTAL is introducing a powerful addition to the PIKO CI commercial inverter series.

PIKO CI: The success story of a powerhouse

The PIKO CI 100 is the logical response to the growing demand for increasingly powerful commercial inverters. Introduced in 2020, the PIKO CI series established itself within a few months as a new and successful series in the KOSTAL range.

The successful market launch and the continuing strong demand for high power classes were reasons enough for KOSTAL to add a 100 kW device to the series.

The PIKO CI 100 can be ordered now and will be delivered at the beginning of next year.

PIKO CI 100: Power, safety, flexibility

The PIKO CI 100 comes as standard with numerous functions and features that make it the optimum component of an efficient PV system.

In addition to a high 100 kW of power, the PIKO CI 100 also focuses on safety. For example, it has arc detection with automatic event messages for the greatest possible safety.

It also offers type 2 overvoltage protection on the AC and DC sides. And the AC Smart Switch enables independent decoupling from the grid, if necessary.

Like the smaller devices in the series, the CI 100 is easy to start up with the PIKO CI App. And thanks to multiple-inverter connection, it offers maximum flexibility when expanding larger PV systems.

PIKO CI 100: There is no such thing as can't

The PIKO CI is a real powerhouse and extremely versatile. With its scalable power of 100 kW, it is ideally equipped to meet the requirements of an EPC supplier or project planner.

It is also the ideal inverter for commercial users aiming for self-sufficiency or as a source of profit through feed-in compensation.

The PIKO CI is even an established partner in agriculture, reliably ensuring self-sufficient farming.

Thanks to the robust IP66-certified housing, the PIKO CI 100 can be used indoors, on outdoor façades and in open spaces without any problems.

Get the most out of it with compatible storage

To derive maximum benefit from the PIKO CI, it can be combined with compatible storage. This means that solar power generated can be used at a later date. 

In combination with the PLENTICORE BI, the user has a choice of battery storage systems from many well-known manufacturers. An overview of all compatible storage systems can be found here.

For optimum control and monitoring it is a good idea to install the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter, which provides all of the relevant measurement data relating to the battery storage.

The right size for every application – the PIKO CI family

The PIKO CI 100 is joined by the existing PIKO CI 30, 50 and 60 models with the corresponding power output in kilowatts. Thanks to multiple-inverter connection, they can be interconnected in any way to scale the desired power. The PIKO CI 100 is given the new KOSTAL brand face - matching the PLENTICORE inverter and the KOSTAL ENECTOR wallbox.
Summary: With the PIKO CI 100, KOSTAL has taken the next big step, because the CI 100 significantly increases the power range of KOSTAL inverters. As a result, KOSTAL now offers the right device for every requirement and every area of application between 2 kW and 100 kW. The PIKO CI 100 can be ordered immediately from all affiliated KOSTAL dealers. It will be delivered in 2024.

Technical details and instructions for the PIKO CI and all other products are available in the Download area.