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Record month for KOSTAL ENECTOR wallbox

The latest usage survey for the KOSTAL wallbox underlines the trend towards solar e-mobility. Never before have so many customers opted for the ENECTOR wallbox's intelligent additional functions.

End users and installers agree that the wallbox is an indispensable requirement for any photovoltaic system. Like the battery storage system before it, the ENECTOR, with its intelligent charging modes, is gradually establishing itself as an essential component for using solar energy – with the result that a wallbox is becoming an increasingly important part of every PV system. And with the option of using additional convenience functions immediately after installation or later if required, KOSTAL offers the ideal solution for maximum flexibility and future security.

Multi-award-winning. Multi-intelligence.

By introducing the ENECTOR wallbox, which has since won several awards, KOSTAL Solar Electric added to its range, which was previously made up exclusively of inverters and energy meters. The ENECTOR has a single-phase output of up to 3.7 kW and a three-phase output of up to 11 kW with a current rating of 16 amps per phase.

One of the special features of the wallbox is the option to add intelligent charging modes. These give the user full control and an overview of the available power.

Coupled with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter, the PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter and the option to connect a battery storage system, KOSTAL creates the ideal conditions for maximising the use of solar energy.

Full control and very user-friendly

The ENECTOR offers fast charging that is very user-friendly, with a 7.5 metre long charging cable and an LED display for important status messages and the current charging mode. In combination with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter and the optional convenience functions, users can choose from various charging modes:

1. Power mode: The ENECTOR charges quickly and with the maximum available energy.

2. Lock mode: The charging function is locked to prevent unwanted use.

3. Solar Pure mode: The ENECTOR charges the vehicle using only self-produced solar power.

4. Solar Plus mode allows the user to manually adjust the ratio of solar to line current.