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KOSTAL's ENECTOR wallbox: now with Time Mode

Combined with the Smart Energy Meter, KOSTAL's ENECTOR wallbox becomes an intelligent charging solution for electric vehicles and now offers even more convenience with its new Time Mode.

The new Time Mode allows KOSTAL's ENECTOR wallbox to be scheduled and time-controlled. Time Mode therefore complements the current charging modes, including Lock Mode, Power Mode, Solar Pure Mode and Solar Plus Mode.

What exactly is Time Mode?

Daily scheduling in Time Mode

Time Mode can be understood as an overarching function that gives the option of controlling the charging modes on an hourly basis. Users can therefore plan 24 hours of a day and select one of the four available charging modes for each full hour.

Daily schedules, which can be customised for each day of the week, can also be saved and repeated on a weekly basis. Of course, changes can be made at any time as required.

Time Mode is controlled and planned exclusively via the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter Webserver.

A weekly overview shows at a glance which mode is currently active as well as the entire weekly view broken down into days and hours. This means that every user can create their own ideal daily schedule, taking into account solar irradiation and whether they are at home or not.

In order to use the new Time Mode, users must first fully update the software on their KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter.

Tip: The KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter has the option of automatically importing updates as they become available. This function has to be activated once in the device settings within the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter.

What charging modes are available?

The ENECTOR charging modes

The ENECTOR offers the following modes, all of which can be scheduled with Time Mode:

  • Lock Mode: In this mode, the wallbox is locked. This prevents unauthorised persons from using it for charging.
  • Power Mode: In this mode, charging takes place with the full charging power from all available sources (PV, grid and house battery).
  • Solar Pure Mode: In this mode, only self-produced electricity is used for charging. If a house battery is connected to a PLENTICORE, discharge of the house battery can be prevented.
  • Solar Plus Mode: The start charging power and the minimum surplus from solar power can be individually specified. If the surplus increases, the amount taken from the grid is replaced and increased to the level of the surplus.
The KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter is required to use these modes. The modes can be activated using the activation code "ENECTOR" in the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter.

The ENECTOR as part of the big picture

Mode Produktsortiment

When the ENECTOR is combined with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter, the PLENTICORE and one of the numerous compatible battery storage systems or heat pumps, a complete product portfolio is available to users keen to achieve self-sufficiency.

Compatible battery partners include well-known companies such as BYD, Pylontech, Axitec, Dyness, BMZ and more. The PLENTICORE is also compatible with various heat pumps from manufacturers such as NIBE, Solvis and Brunner.

The new KOSTAL Solar Terminal is particularly practical for installers as it will combine all applications from layout and commissioning to monitoring. Additional functions will be gradually rolled out in the future.