The new PIKO CI - Smart Power

A solar inverter for commercial applications
 The new PIKO CI from KOSTAL

For companies in particular, the new PIKO CI commercial inverter simply offers more: More intelligence. More convenience. More benefits.

PIKO CI Solarwechselrichter für Solar-Projekte und Solaranlagen in Unternehmen

Good reasons to opt for a solar system for the commercial sector

The energy market is developing all the time, with growing cost structures should you use an external energy supply - good reasons to purchase and use a solar system for your own business.

Companies that produce their own electricity from solar power cover their own power requirements, while thinking and acting sustainably. In addition, purchasing a solar system for your business impacts positively on the value of your property. An investment in a solar system can be tax deductible for companies. And thanks to guaranteed feed-in compensation, a solar system for the commercial sector also generates long-term returns.

A modern solar system for commercial use meets companies’ very high standards, ensuring convenient and cost-conscious usage and thereby reliably guaranteeing high added value.

The reasons in favour of a commercial solar system: self-sufficient operation of the company's own machinery and vehicle fleet, water heating, ventilation and climate technology as well as many other potential forms of consumption within your company. This is the very definition of tailored self-consumption in the commercial sector with your own solar system. 

Solar inverters for the commercial sector

KOSTAL supplies the PIKO CI solar inverter for the demanding requirements of a commercial solar system. The commercial inverter was developed in-house to optimally satisfy these requirements for companies.

The PIKO CI (commercial inverter) from KOSTAL is the commercial inverter that meets companies' stringent performance requirements. The PIKO CI solar inverter is available in three power classes: the PIKO CI 30 with a performance of 33 kVA, the PIKO CI 50 for a performance of 55 kVA and the PIKO CI 60 delivering 66 kVA. The commercial inverters from KOSTAL offer the best performance values and are versatile – ideal foundations for a solar system in companies.

Einfache Installation bei Projekten für Solaranlagen mit dem PIKO CI

PIKO CI: the commercial inverter from KOSTAL

The PIKO CI is suitable for large commercial roofs or PV systems on vacant commercial sites. This makes the PIKO CI the perfect conversion, switching and control centre for a company's solar system. As a solar inverter for commercial applications, the PIKO CI delivers impressive high efficiency (up to 98% depending on the model) and high compatibility with other system devices, such as suitable battery storage or a wallbox for the connected electric vehicle.

In addition to easy handling, the PIKO CI also runs quietly in a low decibel range. What’s more, the KOSTAL commercial inverter is economical to buy – a real all-rounder.

Commercial inverters from KOSTAL: more intelligence

The KOSTAL PIKO CI commercial inverter perfectly converts direct current from solar energy into usable alternating current for your own company. As a solar inverter, the PIKO CI impresses customers with its highly efficient and cleverly designed operation of the commercial solar system.

The solar inverter communicates data seamlessly, ensuring effective operation. The PIKO CI commercial inverter operates efficiently, transparently and very productively all at the same time.

Reliably constant energy yields

The commercial inverter from KOSTAL supports a system voltage of up to 1100 volts DC. In this way, the solar inverter for the commercial sector ensures reliable and constant energy yields, meaning that the rated output of the company's solar system is quickly reached and the output power continues to be utilised perfectly.

Maximum energy yields at the lowest possible cost

The commercial inverter allows the generator to be sized with an over-assignment of up to 50% DC to AC. The DC yields are cleverly matched to the AC rated output and maximum energy yields are ensured at the lowest possible cost. Perfect yields for your commercial solar system.

Active power with dynamic adjustment

The active power produced by the PIKO CI commercial inverter can be adjusted dynamically. The system can also be limited to 70 percent and can be regulated externally using ripple control receivers. This makes it flexible to use in your own company.

Optimum measurement results 

The AC conductor connections consist of four-core copper conductors. There is no neutral conductor. Therefore, the solar inverter for commercial use is economical and delivers optimum measurement results.

With integrated data logger 

Integrated data loggers ensure that all operating parameters are backed up and available at all times. In this way, the company can always keep an eye on its own operations – and therefore the efficiency of the commercial solar system.

Monitoring with Solar Portal

The PIKO CI obtains the greatest possible energy output for the company via MPP tracking. By mapping the tracking in the KOSTAL Solar Portal, the operating parameters can be constantly monitored, adjusted and optimised. This creates enormous flexibility for the commercial solar system with complete transparency and the highest possible efficiency levels.

Commissioning via the app

Activation of the PIKO CI is also designed to be just as intelligent: the KOSTAL commercial inverter can be commissioned quickly and easily via the specially developed PIKO CI app using a smartphone or tablet PC. This saves time and money during a busy working day.

All smart advantages at a glance

  • Optimised generator design with system voltage of up to 1100 V
  • Over-assignment of up to 50% (DC to AC) permits flexible generator design
  • Cost-optimised 4-conductor AC connection, no neutral conductor
  • Integrated data loggers back system information up at all times
  • Constant monitoring of the MPP trackers via KOSTAL Solar Portal
  • Easy installation and configuration via KOSTAL PIKO CI app

Commercial inverters from KOSTAL: more convenience

A commercial solar system should be easy to install and operate. The PIKO CI commercial inverter is outstandingly convenient in this respect:
the PV modules can be connected directly to the PIKO CI's DC sockets. String distribution boxes are not required. This cuts costs and saves time for your company. The PV strings are constantly monitored. This ensures optimum monitoring of the commercial solar system and the best service.

If the DC voltage needs to be interrupted, for example for maintenance, it is quick and easy to disconnect the generator on site using an integrated disconnection point. This eliminates the need for external applications, reducing work loads and costs.

The PIKO CI commercial inverter also excels in terms of communication: using a serial dual LAN interface, several PV systems can be easily interconnected using what is known as daisy chain communication and computers. This simplifies configuration of very large commercial systems using multiple commercial inverters.

The PIKO CI also has an RS485 bus interface as standard. This allows bidirectional transmission of high data rates and integration of up to 32 participants, offering a high degree of flexibility in the layout of the solar system for commercial use. In addition, wireless communication is possible via the WIFI connection that is installed as standard.

The commercial inverter is compatible with common park controllers and offers high-intensity diversity and transparency in data logging. Therefore, the PIKO CI demonstrates another major benefit in terms of convenient and flexible handling for commercial solar systems.

The PIKO CI commercial inverter automatically integrates the feed-in management, allowing problem-free direct PV energy sales.

For businesses with a solar system, it is time to sit back and relax with the PIKO CI: the PIKO CI is a high-quality premium product in the modern commercial inverter segment. Five-year warranty with optional extensions provide registered commercial users with the best protection and best returns.

All the convenience features at a glance:

  • Simple DC installation at an attractive cost without any string distribution boxes
  • The connected PV strings are monitored for optimum monitoring and service
  • Generator is disconnected on site by integrated DC voltage separator
  • Simple communication (daisy chain) via dual LAN interface (RJ45) with integrated switch
  • Integrated communication as standard via RS485 bus and W-LAN
  • Compatible with many park controllers and data loggers, so you can use the monitoring system you prefer
  • Integrated feed-in management makes the system ideal for direct PV energy sales
  • Five-year warranty for registered users

PIKO CI: the utility maximiser

KOSTAL’s PIKO CI is a commercial inverter that maximises application performance and creates real added value. The PIKO CI achieves an efficiency of over 98%, setting a strong performance benchmark. Maximum efficiency for maximum yields.

The PIKO CI cleverly handles monitoring of the respective switching status and any necessary decoupling from the grid on its own: with the KOSTAL Smart AC Switch, this function is integrated into the commercial inverter as standard and renders an external circuit breaker unnecessary. The system is thereby perfectly protected from damage and only needs external protection as of an output of 135 kWp.

Smart Connected

Thanks to its numerous network service functions, the PIKO CI is a true utility maximiser: the PIKO CI commercial inverter can be controlled in real time, manages and reports excellently on energy resources. In doing so, the commercial solar inverter ensures optimum energy consumption and provides a stable grid without any supply bottlenecks. The integrated type 2 surge protection device compensates for excessively high voltage levels. This ensures trouble-free operation within your company and avoids outages.

The design of the PIKO CI is characterised by its great durability. The commercial inverter is therefore dust-tight to IP 65 and offers protection from contact and water jets, meaning that the solar inverter for commercial use can be operated indoors and outdoors. This increases the longevity of the inverter and offers freedom of choice when installing at the company’s own premises.

In addition, zero feed-in is also available as an option for the PIKO CI. This means that all the PV energy can be used for your own consumption, creating greater independence for your company’s energy supply.

The benefits at a glance:

  • The KOSTAL Smart AC Switch is integrated, replacing the external circuit breaker
  • Maximum energy yield thanks to high, certified efficiency of 98.3 percent
  • Integrated, certified grid service functions ensure reliable operation
  • Protection against overvoltages on the AC and DC side, type 2
  • Optimum protection from dust and water for tough outdoor use (protection class IP65)
  • Zero feed-in possible*

All the technical highlights at a glance:

  • Performance classes: 30, 50, 60 kVA
  • Up to 12 DC inputs
  • MPP ranges: 180-960 V
  • Highest yields thanks to >98% efficiency
  • Up to 1100 V system voltage
  • Integrated KOSTAL Smart AC Switch replaces external circuit breaker
  • Monitoring of all connected PV strings
  • Dual LAN interface for daisy chain communication
  • Up to 4 MPP trackers
  • Commissioning using "KOSTAL CI" app via WLAN
  • Integrated type 2 overvoltage protection (AC/DC)*

PIKO CI – The commercial inverter

The number one for company use

This is why intelligent photovoltaics for commercial applications start with the PIKO CI solar inverter. With the highest conversion rates and cost-optimised productivity, the PIKO CI is setting genuine standards.

Thanks to KOSTAL's comprehensive equipment package consisting of service, warranty and communication, your project will receive exactly the expert and free support that is required when using sophisticated commercial photovoltaic systems. Your success is our mission.

PIKO CI App: installation made easy

The KOSTAL PIKO CI app is used to commission inverters of the PIKO CI series and to configure all the system-specific functions needed. In addition, you have the option of viewing all of the current performance data for a connected device.

KOSTAL PIKO CI commercial inverters now also compatible with Tigo TS4 optimisers

KOSTAL has made it its business to continuously optimise commercial solar systems through its range of services and integrable partner components. This means that renewable PV energy from your own commercial roof is used more efficiently and the added value of your own PV systems is increased. This now also applies in particular to the PIKO CI commercial inverter from KOSTAL, which can now be combined into one system with optimisers from the Tigo TS4 model series.

The small additional devices from Tigo that can be connected between PV modules and the KOSTAL inverter get more out of your own commercial solar system. Tigo's TS4 optimisers come into play when you need more power in difficult light conditions and want to ensure the reliability of the PV system using special safety and control applications.

KOSTAL inverters: perfectly equipped for the new generation of 400W modules

With the PIKO CI, available in three power classes from 30 to 60 kW and an MPP range from 200 to 960 volts, up to 23 modules of the new generation of 400W modules can be connected per PV string. Couplings of up to two strings per MPP tracker are possible. The maximum input current at the DC input is 13 amps.

The PIKO CI is the best choice for all businesses. In industry, trade, agriculture or on open spaces, when combined with the new 400W solar modules with highest efficiencies, the PIKO CI delivers the best performance.

The PIKO CI is compatible with the new generation of 400W solar modules from many manufacturers, including Axitec, JA Solar, Luxor, Solar Fabrik, Suntech, Trina and many more.

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