KOSTAL Solar App

KOSTAL Solar App: PV system monitoring in your pocket

Monitor your system conveniently and from anywhere via smartphone or tablet with the KOSTAL Solar App, and of course it's free of charge.

Use the KOSTAL Solar App to stay informed about your own PV power

Solar systems can be monitored very conveniently either out and about or from your sofa at home using the KOSTAL Solar App. The free app from KOSTAL, which won the 'Red Dot Award“, provides all relevant system data at a glance.

The app's holistic PV monitoring also includes information about the amount of energy stored in the battery and the levels of energy currently being consumed from PV and the battery.

What if: Test future uses with the KOSTAL Solar App

A special feature is the virtual battery: This function allows PV system operators who still don't have a storage unit to see what their own self-consumption levels might be like if they had a battery, making it clear how a PV storage system can increase your self-consumption and reduce your electricity costs as a result. This function requires the self-consumption levels to be recorded by an energy meter.

Since this calculation is based on the operator's own power yield and consumption, the virtual battery is a reliable reason to potentially invest in a storage unit.
In addition, the KOSTAL Solar App allows you to see what you could do with the self-generated energy, for example how many kilometres could be driven in an electric vehicle or how long a shower could be used with a heat pump.

Thanks to the KOSTAL Solar App's comprehensive monitoring system, system operators are always up to date and can see quickly and easily what their solar system is producing and how much of the solar power it's consuming.

How and where can I get the KOSTAL Solar App?

The Solar App is a free service from KOSTAL Solar Electric. It allows photovoltaic systems to be monitored at any time, simply and conveniently via smartphone or tablet.

Setting up and using the app requires access to the KOSTAL Solar Portal, where an inverter must be set up. The same access data is used to log in to the app as the solar portal. The KOSTAL Solar App is available for the Android and iOS operating systems.

Distinguished with the "Red Dot Award"

The KOSTAL Solar App won the 'Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2019“. The jury of 24 international experts examined over 8,000 entries.

KOSTAL's Solar App impressed the jury with its high design quality, creative performance and intuitive handling. With the app, KOSTAL offers a simple method of system monitoring. It's intuitive, easy to use and visually appealing.

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