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KOSTAL Software-Tools

KOSTAL system monitoring at any time and from anywhere in the world

With KOSTAL's software tools, PV system monitoring is always at hand: on smartphone, tablet or PC.

Monitoring PV systems: see what your own solar system produces whenever you want

KOSTAL's monitoring software allows you to monitor your own solar system from anywhere in the world.
The KOSTAL Solar Portal and the KOSTAL Solar App can provide data on the PV system's performance at any time, including the yield generated, the level of self-consumption and the amount of feed-in to the public grid.
Therefore, the software tools allow you to monitor the system with ease and provide you with transparency, even when it comes to power consumption in the building.

KOSTAL product overview

KOSTAL Solar Portal

Keep tabs on your own PV system at all times. From any PC

KOSTAL Solar App

PV monitoring on the move. For tablet and smartphone

PV system monitoring from KOSTAL: simple PV system monitoring

If you've opted for a photovoltaic system, it's important to keep tabs on all its energy yields and energy flows. Using KOSTAL's monitoring solutions, the system operator can see how efficient their system is, how much self-consumption and self-sufficiency has been achieved and where there's still potential for energy savings.

In addition, it gives system operators an overview of the electricity they are generating over time, allowing them to make the right decisions for them, which leads to a higher level of self-consumption and other benefits. As a result, they can save even more on electricity bought from the energy supplier. 
Modern software solutions such as the KOSTAL Solar Portal and the KOSTAL Solar App offer simple graphical representations of the collected data, so that everyone can understand them and easily see at a glance what their solar system is generating. If there's a fault in the photovoltaic system, you will detect it immediately, allowing you to protect your investment in the best possible way.

How does PV system monitoring work?

KOSTAL inverters offer an integrated data logger as standard, which stores all relevant data on energy production and the device's operational statuses. If the inverter is connected to the home's network, the data can be stored and visualised in the KOSTAL Solar Portal. At the same time, you can see the data while on the move using the KOSTAL Solar App.

Depending on the chosen installation, the Solar Portal also displays consumption data and the status of any existing storage units. This gives you the perfect overview and control over your energy. 

What's the purpose of PV system monitoring?

There are several reasons why it's important to monitor PV systems: 

  • to visualise the energy flows;
  • to obtain an overview of energy production and consumption;
  • to take delight in your system's performance on a daily basis;
  • so that you're immediately alerted if there's a malfunction in the system;
  • with all of this, you're ensuring the best possible protection for your investment.

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