PIKO MP plus

PIKO MP plus as a hybrid inverter: Generate and use solar power efficiently, even in smaller PV systems

The single-phase KOSTAL PIKO MP plus as a hybrid inverter enables solar power to be generated and the solar energy obtained to be stored.

KOSTAL PIKO MP plus: the hybrid inverter for small photovoltaic systems

The PIKO MP delivers extremely stable yields and its broad input voltage range provides numerous wiring options for the PV modules.

In combination with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter, the PIKO MP plus changes from a pure solar inverter to a hybrid inverter and, in addition to the PV generator, also offers a connection option for charging and discharging a storage unit. The PIKO MP plus hybrid inverter is ideally suited for small photovoltaic systems on single-family homes.

PIKO MP plus: independently tested


The PIKO MP plus has already successfully proven itself several times during the electricity storage inspection at the HTW Berlin.

The single-phase PIKO MP plus 4.6-2 showed its strengths in both DC and AC operation, achieving high efficiencies with an SPI of 90 percent (DC) and 89.6 percent (AC).

This is thanks to its high battery efficiency coupled with fast settling time and low standby consumption with high inverter efficiency.

The single-phase inverter of the PIKO MP plus series is therefore particularly economical as a conversion and control unit for solar systems with connected storage.

Benefits for you

Battery option possible at any time with KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter

Battery functionality for devices with two MPP trackers for DC-coupled battery connection: ideal for new installations or AC coupling for simple battery retrofitting

Extended MPP range – perfect for repowering

Perfect for small photovoltaic systems

In the power ratings from 3.0 to 5.0 kW, the PIKO MP plus offers variants with 2 MPP trackers, one of which can be used as a bidirectional port for PV, as well as for a high-voltage battery. This means that the PIKO MP plus can be used as a hybrid inverter in combination with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter. In this case, the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter takes over responsibility for the energy management and controls the energy flow of the inverter.

The PIKO MP plus is particularly well suited as a hybrid inverter when installing a new photovoltaic system on a small roof area or in a country where most house connections are single-phase.

Generate and store solar power with the PIKO MP plus hybrid inverter

Can be used as a solar inverter and can be retrofitted with a battery at any time using an activation code.

PIKO MP plus as a hybrid inverter: Generate and store solar power

To store solar energy, a battery can be added to the PIKO MP plus at any time. All you need is the activation code for the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter.
If there is a surplus of solar energy, it is temporarily stored in the battery for subsequent self-consumption. For this purpose, the inverter communicates with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter, which controls the charging and discharging functions of the battery. Only when the battery is fully charged is surplus solar power fed into the grid.

This means that you can maximize home consumption of your own self-generated solar power, regardless of the time of day.

Depending on the power class, the PIKO MP plus as a hybrid inverter has two connections, one of which can be used as a PV input and the second as a battery input.

Small system & shading – what to do?

Like all solar and hybrid inverters from KOSTAL, the PIKO MP plus also includes integrated shadow management. Thanks to this, high yields can be achieved even when there's shade as a result of chimneys or trees, for example.

The shadow management system adapts quickly and individually to the location's conditions.

Product advantages

Integrated shadow management that adapts individually to the installation location

Standard integrated communication package with data logger, system monitoring and Webserver

Connection of KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter for battery control

Single-phase grid feed-in: perfect for smaller PV systems

Zero feed-in possible

Free PV system monitoring via the KOSTAL Solar Portal and KOSTAL Solar App Product advantages

Install the hybrid inverter now and simply retrofit the battery later

The PIKO MP plus gives the operator the option of installing it as a solar inverter without a battery to start with. The second MPP port can be used for the battery at a later time. And the owner only pays for this option when it's really needed. Simply purchase an activation code and the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter via the KOSTAL Solar webshop and the retrofitting can begin. This function only applies to performance ratings 3.0-2, 3.6-2, 4.6-2 and 5.0-2, as the PIKO MP plus is equipped with 2 MPP ports.


With the PIKO MP plus, you can also decide on a battery at a later date. You only pay for the battery upgrade when you really need it.

Also perfect as a replacement device for old inverters 

Currently, when connecting the battery, the high-voltage battery from BYD can be used. As a hybrid inverter, the PIKO MP plus offers the perfect replacement option for old, single-phase PV inverters. At the same time, the single-phase device has a compact design, so it requires less space than many older generation inverters. Thanks to the battery option, system owners are also perfectly equipped for new technologies in the future.

KOSTAL inverters: perfectly equipped for the new generation of 400W modules

The single-phase PIKO MP Plus is designed for the power classes 1.5 - 5 kW. The wide input voltage range of 75 to 750 volts with a maximum input current of 13 amps allows the PV modules of the new generation of 400W modules to be connected in a variety of ways. Up to 16 modules of the new generation of 400W modules can therefore be connected in one string with the PIKO MP plus 4.6-2.

This makes the PIKO MP plus the perfect solution for solar systems on small roof areas of terraced houses, detached houses, garages and carports.

The PIKO MP plus is compatible with the new generation of 400W solar modules from many manufacturers, including Axitec, JA Solar, Luxor, Solar Fabrik, Suntech, Trina and many more.

PIKO MP plus: great cost-effectiveness in the overall system

A strong player in DC and AC operation: the single-phase PIKO MP plus 4.6-2 with BYD storage HVS 7.7 demonstrated what it is capable of in every respect, achieving high efficiency values with an SPI of 90 percent (DC) and 89.6 percent (AC) – even in a small power class.

In addition to the high efficiency levels, the good inverter efficiency, the fast settling time and the low control losses are key to the all-round cost-effective performance of the overall system.
The outstanding performance of the PIKO MP plus was put it in second place and proves that it reliably boosts the cost-effectiveness of PV systems in the overall evaluation of all AC-coupled systems in the 5 kW reference case.

The Brand Award: KOSTAL - an impressive brand

System owners and PV planners are in agreement when it comes to KOSTAL inverters in combination with electricity storage, electric vehicles, heat pumps and an energy management system that also best serves smart-home applications: KOSTAL Solar Electric is considered one of the best-in-class companies in this field – by installers and system operators alike.

KOSTAL is therefore well-known among end customers and installers and is also in high demand and frequently recommended. This once again underlines KOSTAL's outstanding performance when rated against the competition: the brand focuses not only on product quality, efficiency and service, but also uniquely manifests a systemic, holistic application.

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