PIKO MP plus

PIKO MP plus as a battery inverter: storing solar power made easy

With the KOSTAL PIKO MP plus as a battery inverter, it's easy to store the solar power generated in a battery.

KOSTAL PIKO MP plus: the single-phase battery inverter

The PIKO MP plus can be used together with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter as a battery inverter. As a single-phase device in the power ratings 1.5 to 5.0 kW, the PIKO MP plus is perfectly suited to retrofitting a storage solution in many existing photovoltaic systems.

Product advantages

The PIKO MP plus solar inverter can be used as a battery inverter with the appropriate accessories

Can be used either as a solar or battery inverter

The PIKO MP plus devices with 2 MPPT can be expanded to a hybrid inverter

Higher self-consumption thanks to suitable storage

Retrofitting storage makes sense, especially considering the hike in electricity prices. The PIKO MP plus is compatible with the BYD Battery-Box Premium. Thanks to the broad range of power ratings available for these high-voltage batteries, there's a suitable storage unit for every size of system.

As a result, operators of photovoltaic systems can become less dependent on the grid operator and also consume the solar power they generate themselves.

Make storing solar power easy with the PIKO MP plus battery inverter

In addition to storing the electricity generated by the solar system, the PIKO MP plus can also be used to store energy from other AC energy sources. It stores any energy emerging in the building in the battery until it's finally used.

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