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2023 SPI: KOSTAL inverters win multiple awards

For the sixth time in a row, KOSTAL inverters demonstrate their skills in combination with BYD's battery storage system at HTW Berlin's Electricity Storage Inspection 2023.

KOSTAL Solar Electric once again impresses with its performance: in this year's System Performance Index (SPI) – determined by HTW Berlin – KOSTAL inverters have now shown for the sixth time in a row that they are convincing in all classes, whether AC or DC coupled, single or three-phase.

The SPI award at a glance:

PLENTICORE plus 5.5 kW in third place and with outstanding energy class A
PLENTICORE BI 10 kW in first place for three-phase AC systems
PLENTICORE plus 10 kW with a top 5 ranking in its power class
PIKO MP plus 4.6-2 in single-phase AC and DC operation with high efficiency
Only KOSTAL has AC and DC systems for single-phase and three-phase solutions
The auto-update function gives existing KOSTAL customers retroactive and automatic benefits 

The HTW storage test impressively demonstrates how KOSTAL inverters offer optimum solutions in combination with BYD storage units. The great test result is underscored by the high efficiency levels, low conversion losses, minimal standby consumption and fast settling times.

The PLENTICORE plus, the PLENTICORE BI and the PIKO MP plus, for example, deliver strong performance as hybrid and battery inverters. In combination with the BYD storage system, the KOSTAL inverters ensure efficient system operation with high self-consumption shares and extensive self-sufficient power.

Activate the auto-update function now and reap the benefits

The auto-update function also allows existing KOSTAL customers with a PLENTICORE plus or PLENTICORE BI to benefit from the SPI award. It takes just a few clicks to activate the auto-update function. This means that the inverter is always automatically updated to the latest state of the art and ensures the best power yield, as proven in the test.

The award-winning inverters at a glance

PLENTICORE plus 10 kW: efficient charging and discharging

The KOSTAL hybrid inverter PLENTICORE plus 10 kW achieved a System Performance Index of 94.9 percent in combination with BYD's Premium HVS 12.8 Battery Box, a lithium high-voltage storage system. The control and dimensioning losses slightly affected the energy resources, while the usable storage capacity of 12.3 kWh creates large capacities that are available at speed.

High efficiency levels for the battery and conversion via PV2BAT and BAT2AC of around 96 percent each ensure strong charging and discharging performance.

With this result, the PLENTICORE plus 10 achieved a place among the top 5 overall in its power class.

PLENTICORE plus 5.5: high efficiency, powerful performance

In the test for 5 kW devices, the PLENTICORE plus 5.5 and BYD's HVS 7.7 Battery Box excelled with their high efficiency levels and achieved an SPI of 92.2 percent. Therefore, the device achieved a strong third place in the overall field of participants and maintained its top ranking as a system/battery pairing for the sixth year in a row.

The top result was achieved by the latest software optimisation and the control dynamics were improved, also by eliminating the 70 percent active power cap. The high efficiency levels of the inverter and high-voltage battery lead to a strong overall total output for the system, according to the HTW test result.

The results of the storage inspection are in: the PLENTICORE plus 5.5 kW ranks among the top 3 in its power class, once again confirming the position achieved in the previous year.

PLENTICORE BI 10/26: the partner for large energy reserves

The AC battery inverter PLENTICORE BI was absolutely convincing in its 10 kW/26 amp version with a connected BYD Premium HVS 12.8 Battery Box, delivering an SPI of 94.0 percent and thereby confirming its very good efficiency. This sees the system increase its performance by 1.3 percent compared to the previous year and is therefore recommended as a top duo for fast charging and discharging cycles with effective management of large current reserves.

The KOSTAL-BYD team exhibits minimal losses during charging processes with efficient control and outstanding energy management. Brilliant advantage: the usable battery capacity is over 12 kWh, with the fast and powerful discharge power of 10 kW coming into its own. Thanks to a high conversion efficiency of 96 percent, the inverter transfers almost all of the energy from the battery back into the AC grid.

At the SPI 2023, the PLENTICORE BI 10/26 impressed as the three-phase class leader among all AC-coupled systems in the 10 kW power range.

PIKO MP plus: the small yet powerful inverter for the single-phase range

Powerful and efficient in AC and DC operation: the single-phase PIKO MP plus 4.6-2 with BYD HVS 7.7 storage demonstrated what it is capable of in every respect, achieving high efficiency values with an SPI of 90.1 percent (AC) and 90.5 percent (DC) – even in a lower power class.

In addition to the high efficiency levels, the inverter's great effectiveness and low control losses are impressive and ensure that the complete system exhibits lucrative performance.

The PIKO MP plus repeats its reliable profitability factor in the PV system, showing strong performance at 5 kW both when AC and DC coupled.

Summary: With the PLENTICORE plus devices as powerful hybrid inverters, the high-performance PLENTICORE BI battery inverter and the single-phase PIKO MP plus all-rounder, KOSTAL customers enjoy flexible yet customised benefits in AC and DC and in single-phase to three-phase operation – now for the sixth year in a row.