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KOSTAL accessories
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Use KOSTAL accessories to improve the PV system even further

Simply thought of everything: control, optimization, protection and security for your PV system

The KOSTAL accessories at a glance

KOSTAL BackUp Switch

BackUp Switch for Backup power

The manual changeover switch for backup power mode

Type 2 DC overvoltage protection

Can be integrated into the new PLENTICORE G3 inverter

KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter

KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter

Optimum control over home consumption

Energy Meter

KOSTAL Energy Meter

The simple and fast energy meter with basic functions

Accessories for KOSTAL inverters

KOSTAL solar inverters already come with a multitude of features from the factory. You can improve your own photovoltaic system or PV inverter even more with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter.

The KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter on the PIKO 12-20, PLENTICORE plus, PLENTICORE BI, PIKO IQ and PIKO MP plus inverters gives you an overview of how much electricity is required in your own household.

The KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter: - for optimum control over home consumption

The KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter (KSEM) is a measuring device that determines electrical measuring values at the connection point and is available via LAN or RS485.

It can be used in combination with various KOSTAL inverters.

PV planning with KOSTAL

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Perfect solar and storage solutions for your PV system