KOSTAL DC overvoltage protection

Can be integrated into the new PLENTICORE G3 inverter

NEW: KOSTAL DC overvoltage protection module

Type 2 DC overvoltage protection can be integrated in the new KOSTAL PLENTICORE G3 inverter as a simple plug-in module

Integrable protection for the PLENTICORE inverter 

Integrable KOSTAL DC overvoltage protection module

Since the end of 2018, overvoltage protection has been mandatory for solar systems in Germany, as instances of overvoltage can damage solar systems and their peripherals. System operators, be they private or commercial, therefore protect their photovoltaic systems with overvoltage protection.

The KOSTAL PLENTICORE G3 inverter has an integrable DC overvoltage protection module, which protects your photovoltaic system from overvoltage damage on the DC side.

Overvoltage protection must be installed at the point of entry into the house. If the cable length from here to the device is more than 10 metres, additional protection equipment must be installed just upstream of or inside the device. Installation and material costs can be saved by using an integrable solution.

This allows DC overvoltages can to be detected immediately and effectively discharged. Overvoltage protection is particularly useful for PV systems to which a battery storage system, heat pump or other powerful consumers such as an electric vehicle are connected.

One distinctive feature is that the type 2 DC overvoltage protection is simply integrated directly into the inverter using a plug-in module.


DC overvoltage protection as a plug-in module: integrated with ease and totally reliable

The specially developed DC overvoltage protection is quickly and easily integrated into the inverter as a plug-in module. The PLENTICORE therefore guarantees easy-to-install and cost-effective DC protection. The module is simply pushed into the slot provided. 
Once plugged in, the overvoltage protection module is automatically recognised by the inverter. This true plug-and-play functionality with touch-proof installation makes initial installation, retrofitting and replacement quick and easy. The DC overvoltage protection is integrated into the inverter without the need for any cables. The DC overvoltage protection is installed as usual by certified KOSTAL specialist companies. It is available from specialist shops.


PLENTICORE with DC overvoltage protection

Easy installation and handling make the DC overvoltage protection for the PLENTICORE inverter a worthwhile investment. Inexpensive to purchase and easy to install, it protects inverters and other devices on the DC side.
Should the module experience an issue, the inverter detects and reports the fault and displays the event in the KOSTAL Solar Portal.

Summary: The DC overvoltage module for the KOSTAL PLENTICORE inverter is a highly effective protective accessory that provides cost-effective and efficient protection against DC voltage damage.