Service and contact

When you need a service, proximity is very important

If a KOSTAL product you have purchased needs to be serviced, your installer is always the first point of contact. Your installer can proficiently assess the cause on site and, in most cases, they can solve it immediately on their own.

If further support is required, specialist tradespeople can turn to our skilled KOSTAL Solar Service team. Please understand that, for a proper and quick remedy, we always need an installer to be on site and cannot carry out a remote diagnosis over the phone.

You're guaranteed a good service

Your PV system is an energy generation system, partly supplemented by storage units that store a high energy content. We are very sure that our products belong in the hands of trained professionals. That is why we have chosen a high-quality distribution channel that ensures you the necessary peace of mind and lasting satisfaction with the products you buy from us.
Alongside technically sound planning, installation and commissioning of a PV system or charging station, the specialist companies also ensure perfect integration into your specific installation environment. They take into account special safety requirements and execute a smooth installation in line with all the necessary specifications. This also encompasses all the conditions for the connection, including communication and registration regulations with the responsible grid operator.

About the KOSTAL Solar Electric service

We market our products through a multi-level distribution channel and rely on a strong partner network of certified installers and qualified specialist shops – in your immediate vicinity.

Our trading partners stock our products in their range alongside complementary products, including rack systems, solar modules, home storage units and much more. With their comprehensive logistics, professional installation and extensive service, the retailer in turn supports local specialist tradespeople in providing you with a comprehensive range.

Therefore, we do not offer end customers (private or commercial) options for purchasing our products directly from us. This means that we cannot give you any information about your delivery dates. For information on your specific orders, please contact your installer.