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PLENTICORE inverter: KOSTAL starts phased delivery and initial stocking with retailers

The world's first and only inverter with power upgrades is the perfect addition to the KOSTAL product portfolio.

KOSTAL is remaining true to itself with its third generation PLENTICORE inverter and is once again setting new standards, as the power upgrade option offers maximum flexibility for retailers and tradespeople. Functional enhancements, the backup power function and the integrated DC overvoltage protection are further advantages offered by the new PLENTICORE.

A world first: inverter with power upgrades

The PLENTICORE will be available as standard in three power classes (S, M and L), each of which can be upgraded with two more power classes. 

Delivery and initial stocking with retailers is starting right now for the PLENTICORE inverter in the large power class L (15 kW), which can be flexibly upgraded to 17.5 kW and 20 kW. Over the next few weeks, delivery and initial stocking with retailers will begin for the medium power class M (8.5 kW), which can upgraded to 10 kW and 12.5 kW. The PLENTICORE in the smaller power class S (4 kW), which can be upgraded to 5.5 or 7 kW, will then be delivered to retailers a few weeks later.

KOSTAL PLENTICORE: maximum flexibility for retailers and tradespeople

The third generation of the PLENTICORE inverter is about unique, innovative scalability. It is the world's first and only inverter to offer the option of immediate or subsequent power upgrades and functional enhancements, making it extremely flexible for existing and new installations.

In the future, KOSTAL will cover nine potential power classes with just three models. What’s more, the PLENTICORE can be used as a solar, hybrid and battery inverter in any power class. In total, 27 applications can be covered with just three inverter models.

This translates into significant simplification and cost savings for the planning, installation and commissioning of a PV system - for retailers and tradespeople alike.

PLENTICOIN: power upgrades and functional enhancements made easy

This is made possible by the new PLENTICOIN single-purpose voucher. Installers can simply purchase this voucher as a card from specialist retailers. The card contains a QR code that can be scanned with the KOSTAL Solar app. The PLENTICOIN is then redeemed for the corresponding activation code.

Additional functions, such as battery or power upgrades, can now be activated quickly and easily.

At the same time, order suitable accessories for the PLENTICORE G3

Another new feature of the PLENTICORE is the backup power function with the KOSTAL BackUp Switch.

In the event of a mains power failure, the easy-to-install changeover device enables power to continue to be supplied to sockets, a lighting circuit or even permanently installed consumers, such as electric shutters.
Users can simply distinguish between back-up and non-back-up loads for this.

Depending on the size of the system and the connected battery, powerful consumers can also be supplied with power, enabling an all-round safe and reliable solution to be implemented in a cost-effective manner. 

The KOSTAL BackUp Switch is available from retailers.

NEW: integrated DC overvoltage protection

The PLENTICORE also impresses users with its integrated type 2 DC overvoltage protection. This provides the level of safety required and offers protection against induced overvoltages that may enter from the solar module side.

What makes this so great is that the DC overvoltage protection can simply be inserted into the PLENTICORE as a plug-in module.

DC overvoltage protection is also available from retailers.

The PLENTICORE is the perfect addition to the product portfolio

The new PLENTICORE is the perfect addition to the existing product portfolio. Like the PLENTICORE plus, the PLENTICORE has 3 MPP trackers, an automatic update function, an integrated data logger and much more.

In addition, both inverters are compatible with a wide range of battery storage systems and heat pumps.

Suitable for use as a solar, hybrid and battery inverter and with an output of 4 to 20 KW, the PLENTICORE enables the flexible planning and individual realisation of PV systems - a back-up function can also be provided if requested by the customer.

Thanks to the KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus and PLENTICORE inverters, the product portfolio is in the ideal position.