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KOSTAL PLENTICORE and PLENTICORE plus: we compare the two

With the new PLENTICORE and the bestselling PLENTICORE plus, KOSTAL has a powerful and upgradeable inverter in its range for every solar system. Each one offers an excellent overall package. What are their strengths? We compare the two.

PLENTICORE and PLENTICORE plus: always the right choice

The new PLENTICORE inverter is the latest addition to the KOSTAL product portfolio. The third-generation PLENTICORE G3 has a hybrid output of up to 20 kW and optional backup power.

The bestselling PLENTICORE plus G2, which has proven itself by repeatedly winning multiple tests, continues to impress today with its versatile functions and uncompromising performance.

For system operators and installers, one thing is certain: with these two inverters, KOSTAL always has an optimum solution for every requirement – made in Germany, with the high quality you can rely on from KOSTAL.

PLENTICORE plus: the bestseller remains part of the range

The PLENTICORE plus is popular with installers and system operators alike due to its flexibility and reliability. Its advantages include simple and time-saving commissioning, the device display, the numerous digital interfaces and the integrated shadow management.

What's more, the list of compatible devices is growing all the time. The PLENTICORE plus makes a success of sector coupling, as it works together with modern high-voltage batteries, heat pumps or heating elements. The PLENTICORE plus remains state-of-the-art at all times thanks to the integrated and free AutoUpdate function.

And its success has already been independently tested and confirmed 6 times in a row. Again this year, as part of its storage system inspection the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin has certified the PLENTICORE plus as having a high peak efficiency.

PLENTICORE G3: market launch for the new generation with backup power function

The PLENTICORE G3 is the logical further development of the successful KOSTAL inverter series. With a hybrid output of up to 20 kW and an optional backup power function, the market launch of the third generation is now underway.

KOSTAL offers an optional manual changeover switch suitable for the PLENTICORE G3 for the backup power function. This backup switch makes life particularly easy for installers and system operators as installation and handling can be accomplished in no time at all.

KOSTAL also offers an independently developed, integrable type 2 DC overvoltage protection module for the PLENTICORE G3. This is simply plugged into the inverter with protection against accidental contact and thus protects against overvoltage.

PLENTICORE G3 and PLENTICORE plus G2: a comparison of the two

With the KOSTAL PLENTICORE and PLENTICORE plus inverters, dealers and installers are perfectly positioned. Both inverters offer maximum flexibility for the installation and commissioning of solar systems. And with the PLENTICORE G3, there is now also an optional backup power function.

The PLENTICORE plus G2 is the right inverter for anyone who does not want a backup power function or wants to operate a battery storage system, a charging station or a heat pump with solar power. When compared directly, the basic price of the PLENTICORE plus G2 is lower.

Both inverters offer the usual KOSTAL level of quality, safety and service. With free monitoring (KOSTAL Solar Portal and Solar App) and AutoUpdate, system operators have the very best equipment they need.

All features at a glance:

 WLAN  AutoUpdate

 3 MPP



 Backup power


 DC overvoltage

protection 2

Made in


Up to 10 years'


         ✓       ✓      ✓          X

Summary: PLENTICORE plus and PLENTICORE are the perfect inverter duo from KOSTAL for retailers, installers and system operators. Fully equipped, KOSTAL inverters offer everything you could possibly need for operating a solar system and for subsequent expansion. Simple installation, maximum flexibility and outstanding quality are the reasons behind the success story of the KOSTAL PLENTICORE brand.