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Award-winning! PLENTICORE G3 impresses professional users and wins Haustec Award

At this year's Haustec Award, readers of the popular professional portal for decision-makers in the building technology sector once again voted a KOSTAL product on to the winners' podium. The PLENTICORE G3 KOSTAL inverter is the proud holder of the "Best Devices 2024" title.

Readers' choice attracts record participation

Since its launch in 2017 the Haustec Award has become an institution, with professional users choosing those products they consider the best of the year. The 2024 readers' choice proved particularly popular: 32 brands with a total of 40 products were voted on by the over 30 000 readers who took part. The KOSTAL ENECTOR wallbox won the "Energy" category in 2023. And this year, the KOSTAL inverter is being honoured with the Haustec Award and the "Best Devices 2024" title.

PLENTICORE G3: impressive across the board

The PLENTICORE G3 is the latest generation of KOSTAL's popular inverters. In this model, KOSTAL has made the PLENTICORE more powerful and more flexible than ever before.

The PLENTICORE can very efficiently convert electricity from PV modules and supply it to consumers. It is also able to store this electricity temporarily in a connected battery.

If the line current fails, the PLENTICORE reliably supplies the household with power through its backup power function on all three phases thanks to an optional backup switch.

It also offers outstanding scalability, as the PLENTICORE is available in three power classes: S (4 to 7 kW), M (8.5 to 12.5 kW) and L (15 to 20 kW). Two power levels can be easily added to each of these classes. Power classes S and M deliver a maximum MPP current of 17 A while power class L can even exceed 30 A. This makes the devices compatible with even the very latest solar modules and battery storage systems.

As a result, the process of planning and installing a PV system is noticeably easier, and customers benefit from optimum scope for expansion and future-proofing. This is because the PLENTICORE offers sufficient reserves for anyone wanting to expand their system at a later date, for example by adding a wallbox to charge electric vehicles or a heat pump. 

Protected against lightning strikes and power failures

Another feature of the PLENTICORE that impressed the professional audience is the integrated DC overvoltage protection (type 2). The DC overvoltage protection can be used with a plug-in module – protected against accidental contact – and blocks induced overvoltages on the solar module side. If lightning strikes, it triggers immediately and reports an error in the KOSTAL Solar Portal.

Perfectly connected, easy to manage

The PLENTICORE also has everything you could want from a future-proof system in terms of connectivity: in addition to the WLAN interface, there are two network ports, three MPP trackers and four digital switched outputs, as well as Modbus TCP and SG Ready interfaces.

With this system, commissioning, device connection, device configuration, data exchange and monitoring are child's play – thanks to the KOSTAL Solar App and KOSTAL Solar Portal.

The PLENTICORE G3: Made in Germany. A worthy winner of the Haustec Award 2024. The KOSTAL team would like to thank everyone who took part.