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KOSTAL’s ENECTOR wallbox wins the German Innovation Award 2024

It's official: KOSTAL’s ENECTOR wallbox has won the German Innovation Award 2024.

It's the most recent of many successes: in 2023 alone, KOSTAL received the Energiewende Award, the SolarProsumerAward, the EUPD Award and, for the sixth time in a row, the SPI Award.

The renowned design council only gave the German Innovation Award 2024 to products that sustainably improve people’s lives. KOSTAL’s ENECTOR wallbox impressed the expert jury with its innovative and user-friendly features.

KOSTAL’s ENECTOR wallbox: innovative technology for people

The German Innovation Award is the fourth award that the ENECTOR wallbox has won, the others being the German Design Award, the Haustec Award and the Green GOOD DESIGN Award from the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

It’s no surprise, as the wallbox combines the latest technology with compact construction and an appealing, simple and modern design. It also offers a high degree of user-friendliness.

Compact KOSTAL wallbox for use indoors and outdoors

It starts with the design: the ENECTOR wallbox’s housing saves space, is robust and fulfils the requirements of protective class IP54, making it just as suitable for use in a garage as it is in a carport or outdoor parking space. Practical: All the settings can be configured conveniently and are essentially self-explanatory using the integrated display.

The Type 2 charging plug is designed for Mode 3 charging – the recommended charging method for regular electric vehicle use. At 7.5 metres in length, the cable is long enough to easily reach the vehicle’s charging port, even in a double parking space. Despite all this, the wallbox has an appealing and simple look, enabling it to blend seamlessly into any architecture.

Battery-conserving, fast and convenient charging

When it comes to the charging process itself, the ENECTOR wallbox from KOSTAL is in a class of its own. Firstly, because it can supply the car from all available energy sources. Secondly, because its smart technology offers drivers maximum flexibility, for a wide range of market requirements. In Germany, for example, the wallbox achieves a single-phase to three-phase power of 3.7 to 11 kilowatts and delivers 16 amps per phase. In the single-phase version for Italy and Spain, it charges with up to 7.4 kilowatts and 32 amps per phase.

It’s worth noting that the ENECTOR wallbox really comes into its own when combined with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter, because then the owner can make use of several convenient features at the same time. One example is the Power Mode for particularly rapid charging. Another is the two solar modes, Solar Pure Mode and Solar Plus Mode, which enable the user to set whether the vehicle is to be charged highly efficiently and economically with solar power alone or with solar power and the lowest possible draw from the power grid. Finally, Lock Mode protects the box against unauthorised use.

Intelligent charging solution with the new Time Mode

The ENECTOR wallbox’s Time Mode is another of its strengths, available once it has been upgraded with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter. This makes it possible to specify in advance which charging mode should be active for each day of the week on an hourly basis.

For example, the wallbox can be automatically locked during periods of absence, or it switches automatically to Solar Pure Mode during daylight hours and into Power Mode in the evening. Configuring the appropriate settings is child’s play: all the values can be changed again at any time.

KOSTAL’s ENECTOR wallbox: powerful technology, well thought-out down to the smallest detail. Made to make life easier for e-car owners. This truly is an award-winning product!

About the German Innovation Award

The German Innovation Award honours products, projects and pioneering achievements that sustainably improve people’s lives through innovation and progress. From green mobility, digital healthcare and new work to exceptional engineering achievements in all areas, every innovation counts, because positive changes that influence and enrich the lives of a wide range of target groups have always arisen through innovation.