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New partnership between KOSTAL and battery storage manufacturer Dyness

As of now, the KOSTAL inverters from the PLENTICORE series are also compatible with the Tower ESS storage unit from Dyness

Sector coupling is of great importance at KOSTAL Solar Electric. It's for this reason that KOSTAL is continually expanding its partner network to ensure smooth compatibility with battery storage systems, heat pumps and other devices. By expanding the network to include the battery manufacturer Dyness, KOSTAL is once again underlining the enormous flexibility of the PLENTICORE inverters.

Dyness specialises in the production of lithium-ion batteries for use in energy storage systems. One of its best-known products is the Dyness battery storage system called Tower ESS, which is capable of storing surplus energy from renewable sources and releasing it when required. The KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter and the PLENTICORE BI battery inverter are compatible with types T7, T10, T14 and T17.

Please always use the current software version for your KOSTAL inverter. To do this, go to our Download area and select your device and then the current firmware under "Update". Alternatively, activating the AutoUpdate function ensures that your device is always up to date.


Efficient KOSTAL inverter and flexible storage from Dyness

The Dyness Tower battery storage unit has IP54 protection and is modular in design. This means that it can be extended and adapted to personal requirements as needed. In conjunction with the PLENTICORE plus (IP65) or PLENTICORE BI (IP65), it is possible to operate up to five battery modules. The height of the tower varies according to the number of battery modules: 70 cm with two modules and up to 130 cm with five modules. Its width is 50.4 cm, its depth 38 cm. The operating temperature is between 0 °C and 50 °C. The KOSTAL Solar Calculator provides a quick overview, including the expected self-sufficiency and self-consumption rates. Here you can easily adjust the storage sizes using a slider, meaning that you immediately receive an estimate of the self-sufficiency rates you can expect.

Depending on the layout, the voltage range of the Dyness Tower is between 192 V and 480 V. This results in a charging/discharging power of 5 kW to 10 kW for the BI, depending on the model and number of battery modules. For the PLENTICORE plus 3.0-10, the values are between 2.5 kW and 6.2 kW.

The PLENTICORE series in all its facets 

The PLENTICORE plus as a hybrid inverter is the ideal all-rounder for numerous system configurations. Connecting it to the Dyness Tower is very simple and convenient. The hybrid inverter has an output of between 3 kW and 10 kW and can achieve even higher outputs when two or more devices are interconnected. The PLENTICORE plus provides dynamic regulation, delivering the greatest possible amount of self-produced electricity at the right time.

The PLENTICORE BI battery inverter is also a real powerhouse and available in power classes of 5.5 kW and 10 kW, with an input current of 26 A. This makes the battery inverter the ideal choice for expanding an existing PV system.

"The KOSTAL PLENTICORE inverters offer excellent features and characteristics," says Thomas Garber, Senior Product Manager at KOSTAL Solar Electric. "They have intelligent shadow management and high efficiency levels. Because they work with common, state-of-the-art interfaces, they are easy to integrate and their flexible string design allows various layouts to be used. In addition, KOSTAL offers suitable inverters for private homes and businesses."

Note: KOSTAL inverters from the PLENTICORE series can be easily connected to Dyness battery storage units with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter and the KOSTAL Energy Meter.

With KOSTAL AutoUpdate, all software updates are imported fully automatically (including retroactive updates for earlier inverter models) so that compatible battery partners can be activated easily, without further intervention by the customer. Simply activate automatic updates once and always stay up to date.

Please always refer to the overview of our approved batteries.