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Pioneers since 1912: KOSTAL drives progress

KOSTAL showcases a vehicle of the future at Intersolar 2022 in Munich. With its innate pioneering spirit, the Hagen-based company presents a timeless classic that is breaking new ground now just as it did in the past: the VW Bus eT1.

A special highlight at the KOSTAL booth was the VW eT1 electric van. The van, popularly known as the "Bulli", evokes a past era with its look and equipment and combines the past with a completely new driving experience, because the VW eT1 skilfully sets off towards the energy transition with its dynamic electric rear drive. The sustainable electric motor highlights the link between nostalgia and innovation.

The bridge between tradition and modernity

KOSTAL presents a bidirectional VW Bus

KOSTAL has made this extraordinary exhibit the focus of its trade fair presentation because the innovative retro-style vehicle symbolises the KOSTAL message in a special way: as the first mass-produced delivery van, the VW T1 was a faithful companion for many installers from day one.

Today, it reflects the reliable product delivery performance that has always characterised KOSTAL: for large and small system builders, for all roofs and for many applications. Since 1912, KOSTAL has been the reliable partner combining tradition and modernity for industry and trade with innovative and high-quality components.


Just like the VW eT1, KOSTAL also established a completely new segment with the PLENTICORE. The hybrid inverter set new standards for all solar system operators at its market launch. KOSTAL Solar Electric Managing Director Frank Henn is aware of the significance of the imagery that the eT1 exudes: "The VW Bus is a true original and a successful model, and its design was ahead of its time. The Bulli established a market segment. Our PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter is also a true KOSTAL original as an all-rounder with high flexibility, durability and reliability."


Volkswagen produced this series with the designation “T1” from 1950 to 1967 with the look that is so nostalgic today. The VW eT1 presented by KOSTAL at Intersolar houses a special feature in the rear: an extremely quiet electric traction drive with integrated liquid-cooled controller for a motor output of up to 40 kW, a range of up to 200 km and a top speed of 120 km/h. As another unique feature, the regenerative braking is controlled by a purely mechanical four-speed gearbox. 

The eT1 is also already pre-equipped for bidirectional charging. This means that the eT1 can be driven with renewable energy – preferably with self-produced solar power – and even serves as a small power plant in its own right, because temporarily stored energy can be fed back into the house grid via a bidirectional wallbox, for example to reliably supply a single-family home with electricity for a week. The drive of the eT1 and the bidirectional CCS charging technology were developed by Classic eCars as part of the R&D project LokSmart and have been tested in extensive field trials. The system is more than "smart grid ready": it is already making local smart grids possible.


With the Europe-wide market launch of its innovative wallbox, KOSTAL is setting new standards in electromobility and literally living up to the Intersolar theme of "Connecting Solar Business". The ENECTOR is always ready for use and provides the perfect interface between the wall and the car. With the usual KOSTAL convenience, additional features can be easily added at a later date.