KOSTAL Pressebereich
Freiburg, 14/11/2022

Full power ahead: move into the fast lane with KOSTAL’s ENECTOR wallbox

Charge, ready, off you go. With its advanced charging technology, KOSTAL is setting new standards for sustainability in electromobility. KOSTAL’s new ENECTOR wallbox is a high-performance interface between photovoltaic system and electric vehicle.

Can you move forward in an environmentally-friendly way, reduce your electricity consumption from the grid and save money? Thanks to the ENECTOR wallbox, this is already a future-proof standard. And what makes it so special is that the power level of KOSTAL's ENECTOR wallbox can be conveniently monitored and controlled.

As a link between PV system and electric vehicle, KOSTAL’s innovative wallbox minimises the amount of electricity drawn from the grid using self-generated solar power instead. The ENECTOR is compatible with a wide range of fully electric and hybrid models and, as a smart home filling station, sustainably helps balance energy usage with every charging process. It is possible to charge with up to 3.7 kW for a single-phase connection and 11 kW for a three-phase connection, each with a current of 16 amps per phase.

As part of KOSTAL's overall monitoring, the ENECTOR can be controlled perfectly. With the KOSTAL Solar Portal and the Solar App, the customer can see all the data at a glance – and on the go if they like.

Simply driven by success

With more exciting convenience functions, the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter ensures measurable success. Whether fast charging with maximum power in "Power Mode" or blocking the charging function from unwanted use in "Lock Mode", the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter and the KOSTAL wallbox have a clever interaction.

Additional individual charging modes also support intelligent control and simple customisation: with the "Solar Pure Mode", only self-generated solar power is used. In "Solar Plus Mode", the charging power is instead always dynamically adapted to the power availability.

All convenience features can be activated as required now or at a later date with the appropriate "ENECTOR” activation code.

An overview for everywhere

The free monitoring tools from KOSTAL are ideal for monitoring the continuous analysis and optimisation of all generation, charging and consumption processes. Energy generation and consumption are clearly displayed both on the user's own PC and the KOSTAL Solar Portal as well as on the KOSTAL Solar App.

The KOSTAL Solar Portal and Solar App provide a graphical overview of all collected data on the generation and use of self-generated solar power. Understandable, comparable and usable: it’s never been so easy.

As part of the KOSTAL overall system, the ENECTOR and all its performance data is already included and can be configured and continually adapted as required. The wallbox is therefore always referenced to your own PV system – together with the inverter data. The variation of values ensures optimum operation of both the wallbox and the entire system.

The KOSTAL Solar Portal and KOSTAL Solar App provide a quick overview of how your own PV system is performing and how sustainably your electric vehicle is running. The KOSTAL monitoring tools are intuitive to use and free of charge.