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Inverters from KOSTAL: now compatible with the BMZ HYPERION storage system

The HYPERION high-voltage storage system harmonises perfectly with the inverters of the PLENTICORE series

Want to produce environmentally-sound solar power and thereby cover most of the demand in your own home or business? You can with the highly efficient components from KOSTAL and BMZ. Together they form a coordinated complete system.

The high-quality combination of electricity generation and electricity storage ensures that solar system operators become less dependent on cost-intensive grid electricity and use self-produced solar power exactly when it is needed.

BMZ provides new and innovative lithium-ion storage units for storing solar power. These are now compatible with the intelligent KOSTAL inverters PLENTICORE plus and PLENTICORE BI, which store excess energy in the BMZ battery. This means that the solar power you produce is also available at times when there is little or no sunshine.

BMZ battery storage: powerhouses in terms of energy supply

The BMZ lithium-ion storage system is suitable for all PV system operators who want to maximise use of the electricity they have generated themselves. The BMZ battery storage system is modular, has three basic modules and can be expanded to up to six battery modules. As energy requirements grow, the appropriate Helios Power battery modules can therefore be quickly retrofitted to the expanded system. This offers a maximum usable capacity of up to 15 kWh. 

The HYPERION battery displays the tried and tested BMZ quality and has a robust design. The lithium-ion battery is safe and easy to install at the same time. As a true high-voltage storage system, the device does not require a DC converter and so saves overall costs.

Thanks to the short-circuit and overcharge protection, integrated temperature control and passive balancing between the cell voltages, the HYPERION storage system ensures trouble-free operation. In addition, the warranty provided in Germany means that BMZ will provide a current market value replacement within ten years of purchase.

Stay as flexible as possible with KOSTAL: activate your BMZ storage now

The HYPERION high-voltage battery from BMZ is now compatible with the PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter and the PLENTICORE BI battery inverter from KOSTAL. Both inverters can be easily connected to the energy storage unit via the RS485 communication interface.

To be able to use the new BMZ storage system with the PLENTICORE plus or PLENTICORE BI, the inverter must be updated to software version UI 01.20.0xxx. The software is available now in the download area. KOSTAL’s AutoUpdate function is even more convenient - the inverter is always at the cutting edge of technology.

After successfully updating the inverter, "BMZ" can be selected as the storage system in the battery settings. The HYPERION storage system from BMZ requires neither its own configuration nor a software update.

PLENTICORE plus - The highly efficient all-rounder for new installations

As a hybrid inverter, the PLENTICORE plus is the all-round solution for any system configuration and allows the BMZ storage unit to be connected with ease. The hybrid inverter is very versatile. The smart control and distribution of the self-generated PV power by the solar modules is one of the tasks that the inverter masters with flying colours. The PLENTICORE plus can regulate dynamically and provides the greatest possible amount of self-generated electricity at the right time.

The PLENTICORE plus optimally regulates the storage processes of the HYPERION battery and the consumption cycles using its integrated energy management system. At the same time, it ensures the optimum generation of solar power, including integrated shadow management of the solar modules.

The PLENTICORE plus is available in six power classes from 3 to 10 kW and has an input voltage range of 120-1000 V. The MPP range is between 120 and 720 V. The battery can be connected on the DC side, so that conversion losses are minimized.

Combination: BMZ HYPERION battery and KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus inverter
HYPERION storage from BMZ is equipped with a battery management system that in turn optimises the charging processes. Battery operation is activated by an activation code from KOSTAL, after which the battery can easily be connected via the input provided. Communication between the BMZ HYPERION battery and KOSTAL PLENTICORE plus takes place via RS485.

In this way, the energy management system of the PLENTICORE plus and the battery management system of the BMZ HYPERION storage ensure that surplus charging of available solar power is undertaken in the best way possible.

The KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter is essential for battery operation. The energy meter is installed upstream of the grid connection point, measures the home consumption and thus forwards relevant data to the inverter "control centre”.

The PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter and the HYPERION battery storage in this device combination are particularly well suited to operators who are installing their PV system from scratch and want an intelligent inverter-battery pairing.

PLENTICORE BI - The optimal battery inverter addition

The PLENTICORE BI is ideal as a pure battery inverter for coupling with the HYPERION BMZ storage system for existing solar systems. The PLENTICORE BI is therefore particularly recommended for consumers who want to install a battery storage system to use the surplus solar power they generate themselves.

The PLENTICORE BI is available in 5.5 and 10 kW power classes with an input current of 26 amps. It can be installed in an existing PV system without replacing parts or additional components. This battery inverter will always fit, because the PLENTICORE BI is also compatible with all devices from other manufacturers in systems already in place.

With the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter as a further system component for displaying home consumption and the BMZ HYPERION storage unit, the PLENTICORE BI forms an independent AC system that temporarily stores surplus electricity from the PV system. The DC connection for the battery is already enabled at the factory so that commissioning can start at the same time as installation.

The PLENTICORE BI battery inverter and the HYPERION BMZ storage system are a safe and efficient system for using solar energy, which is ideally suited for retrofitting existing systems.

BMZ - Innovative manufacturer for high-tech battery systems

The BMZ Group has more than 25 years of experience in the development and manufacture of "Made in Germany” electronics and storage systems. As a leading innovator, BMZ continuously integrates the latest technologies and production processes into the manufacturing process in order to continuously increase the performance of the batteries.

Added to this is a worldwide service network, an on-site service throughout Europe and a guarantee that original spare parts will be available for a long time. In addition, BMZ's lithium-ion technology is characterised by a high storage capacity and minimal losses. The BMZ storage system, including the associated battery safety concept, can be flexibly expanded, making it a forward-looking product solution in the PV system.