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Our KOSTAL solar inverters are factory-fitted with a number of features, including interfaces for integrating them into a Smart Home, built-in data loggers and much more. But we also offer various accessories for you to optimise your photovoltaic system or PV inverter even further. You can order the majority of our range of accessories quickly and easily from the KOSTAL Solar online shop.

Optimum control of house consumption with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter

The new KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter is a 1:1 replacement for the current EM300-LR energy meter. With additional computer power in the device, it is technically prepared for future functions and tasks.

A major advantage of the new KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter is the standard preconfiguration for the PLENTICORE plus, PIKO IQ and PIKO MP plus. This allows direct installation without adjusting the parameters and other settings.

Dynamic self-consumption control with the PIKO BA Sensor

It is the law in Germany that it must be possible to limit the power made available by the PV system at the feed-in point either to 70% of the maximum generator power or, if required, to another percentage defined by a grid operator. The PV feed-in capacity is usually restricted by a ripple control receiver.

However, to enable you to utilise the full power of your photovoltaic system, we offer the PIKO BA Sensor for systems up to 30 kW as an attractively priced alternative to the ripple control receiver or a fixed limitation to a particular percentage.

The PIKO BA Sensor is used, amongst other things, to determine the power actually consumed within the home and to visualise it in the KOSTAL (PIKO) Solar Portal. The inverter's smart active power control function takes this self-consumption into account and adds it to the power generated by the inverter (up to 30% max.) until the set limitation threshold (70%) is reached at the network node. 
So, the PIKO BA Sensor allows the inverter to regulate its output power dynamically, rather than sticking to a rigid default setting. If you have a battery storage system, you are also in a position to store the energy not currently being consumed and to use it later for self-consumption. The energy generated can therefore be distributed ideally between the home, battery and public grid, enabling you to exploit your solar power to the full.

Safe and secure project business – accessories for the PIKO 36 EPC

Various accessories are available that make the PIKO 36 EPC project inverter even safer; for example, you can purchase optional overvoltage plug-in modules for both the DC and the AC sides. The same applies to the RS485 and network (RJ45) communication.
What's more, a fan cover can be retrofitted to prevent large pieces of debris (branches, leaves, etc.) from falling into the cooling channel and having an adverse effect on cooling performance or blocking the fans.

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