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Large crowds and lots of interest: KOSTAL welcomes a record number of visitors at Intersolar 2024

Once a year, Munich becomes a hotspot for the PV industry, because Intersolar attracts trade visitors from all over the world. The KOSTAL team was in on the action too.

KOSTAL once again set high standards at this year's Intersolar: more new products, more highlights and more innovations ensured a large crowd and lots of interest at the KOSTAL Intersolar booth, exhibiting under the motto "From professionals. For professionals".

The highlights at this year's Intersolar

There was a simple reason why the KOSTAL booth was such a crowd-pleaser: as a PV specialist, KOSTAL has the right solutions for the market and customers alike. "For many years, we have been characterised by our high standards, with our PLENTICORE plus hybrid inverter, for example," says Frank Henn, Managing Director of KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbH. "Now, with the PLENTICORE G3 and our digital solutions, we are thinking one step ahead and consistently actioning on market and customer requirements."

Trade visitors and the PV industry were able to see this for themselves again this year. More than 110,000 visitors took the opportunity to find out about KOSTAL in person; and there was plenty to see.

A favourite with the crowds: PLENTICORE G3 with add-on functions

The PLENTICORE G3 made its première at Intersolar. KOSTAL presented the flagship of its PLENTICORE series with features not found anywhere else in the world: the optional immediate and subsequent power and functional add-ons took centre stage. The KOSTAL universal inverter was launched shortly after the exhibition.

The PLENTICORE is available ex factory in three basic versions, each with two extended versions for increased power. In addition, the PLENTICORE can be operated in three different modes – as a solar, hybrid and battery inverter.

This means that the PLENTICORE G3 covers a total of 27 applications – with just 3 basic devices. Specialist shops, installers and system operators benefit in particular from this unique flexibility and high degree of scalability.
And the success story continues: KOSTAL will be launching the PLENTICORE MP as early as next year – specifically for single-phase use. The inverter offers add-on power classes, optional product functions and scope for backup power operation.

A real "aha" experience: all eyes on the BackUp Switch

The new KOSTAL BackUp Switch was also very well received by trade visitors. The manual changeover switch for the backup power function also celebrated its market launch and is suitable for the third generation of PLENTICORE inverters.

An innovation that is hugely popular: the BackUp Switch enables the inverter to provide backup power with little effort, offering additional safety if there is a power failure. The simple installation and quick handling provided a real "aha" experience for visitors.

The same applies to the integrable type 2 DC overvoltage protection as a plug-in module, which KOSTAL presented at the exhibition – to test it out and to get the audience interested.

Well received: PLENTICORE plus G2 will still be a fixed element of the range – with attractive savings

KOSTAL has two pieces of good news for anyone looking for an inexpensive alternative.

The PLENTICORE plus G2 will remain part of the KOSTAL portfolio. For its best-selling PLENTICORE plus G2, KOSTAL is also reducing the number of PLENTICOINs for battery activation from 3 to 1.

This makes the KOSTAL hybrid inverter one of the cheapest inverters produced in Germany for the long term.

In high demand: PIKO CI 100 commercial inverter

Another highlight at the KOSTAL booth, the powerful KOSTAL PIKO CI 100, met with particular interest from trade visitors.

The commercial inverter impressed visitors with its high efficiency and system voltage as well as integrated arc detection.

In combination with the powerful PLENTICORE BI battery inverter and the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter, surplus PV energy is stored efficiently. The PIKO CI 100 certainly knows how to impress.

In addition to commissioning via the PIKO CI app, KOSTAL also presented the new PIKO CI Config Tool for use on laptops and PCs.

A "Wow" moment: KOSTAL is compatible with numerous battery storage systems

One topic that features at every PV exhibition is compatibility with battery storage systems. And this is where KOSTAL comes into its own.

With a large number of different storage partners, KOSTAL offers a huge choice, permanent availability and a high degree of flexibility. Whether you choose wall or floor mounting, cell chemistry or storage capacity, if you choose KOSTAL, you are well positioned.

Visitors to the Intersolar booth also showed a lot of interest in compatible battery storage systems.

When it comes to sector coupling, KOSTAL also demonstrates its high level of expertise in collaborating with heat pump manufacturers, optimisers and energy management systems.

Intelligent digitalisation you can touch: KOSTAL tools to try out

In addition to innovative hardware highlights, KOSTAL’s digital solutions are also impressive. Thanks to simple installation and commissioning, it’s easy to monitor the PV system with KOSTAL and your own smartphone.

The KOSTAL Solar App and the Solar Portal have been extensively revised for this purpose. Increased security and improved performance make monitoring with KOSTAL easier than ever.

Another new feature is the revised KOSTAL Solar Plan for efficient and convenient PV planning. Combined with the KOSTAL Solar Terminal, this gives customers centralised tools for planning and implementing PV systems with KOSTAL products. Everything you could want from one app.
"We have enjoyed three exciting days at the exhibition," says Frank Henn. "We would like to thank all the visitors for their great interest and positive feedback. All products and digital solutions are designed to make everyday life easier for our installers and system operators. We are delighted that KOSTAL was so well received at Intersolar. This will push us to achieve further KOSTAL milestones and bring innovations to the market over the coming years!"

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